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Nigma’s Fundraising Campaign on

Donation Options:

Nigma’s Fundraising Campaign on

I invite you to support my fundraising campaign through the website to gather the resources for the purchase of a small rural cottage to relocate my Pleiadian Alchemy Center:

“Support Nigma’s Quest and Activities”


On the Fundraiser website, apart from welcoming the very appreciated Free Amount Donations of your choice, I also establish the Fixed Amount Donations in exchange for “Perks” in the form of my work and creations:

Donation Options:

Free Amount Donations

Any Amount Supports Nigma’s Creativity & Mission

If my work inspires you, you can contribute with donations to secure the continuation of my work, research, studies, creations and mission. Your help in funding my activities will make a great difference since, apart from an enormous dedication of time and energy, they require constant financial effort. Here are my most important and imminent goals that your support would greatly help to achieve:

  • securing a new venue for the Pleiadian Alchemy, a safe place for my activities, research, creation, online and on-site sessions and workshops
  • expeditions to study with the Mayan Elders, Time Keepers and Shamans,
  • purchase of books to fuel my research and studies,
  • creating new sessions, seminars, workshops, manuals and didactic materials
  • book-writing,
  • creating illustrations for my books
  • creating the line of my Mystic Art paintings,
  • composing and recording music,
  • purchase of healing tools and the accessories for the Planetary Healing Ceremonies (healing crystals, essential oils, dowsing pendulums and rods, magnets, cleansing sage, incense, etc.).

Thank you for your generosity and support.

The choice is yours.


Become a Planetary Healing Sponsor

Help Our Planet While Supporting Nigma’s Mission

Protect our Planet’s balance, peace and safety by contributing to the Planetary Healing Ceremonies held regularly by Nigma. During the Ceremonies Nigma activates the Planetary Healing Energy Codes that she creates for the resolution of the recurring environmental and social issues around the world. You can either contribute to the Planetary Healing of the issues that Nigma is working on, through the donation of any amount of your choice, or you can order a special Planetary Healing addressing the specific environmental or social issue the healing of which you wish to support, through the donation of one of the two amounts mentioned below according to the modality you choose (Foundation or Advanced Planetary Healing). Describe the issue in your email, even enclose the links to articles in press and internet referring to it for Nigma to get familiar with the problem, be able to work on it and include in her Ceremonies. Upon your order, a special Planetary Healing Energy Coding will be created, activated and entrusted to the Higher-Dimensional Guides in Nigma’s Ceremonies. The Planetary Healing Energy Coding consists in designing a ‘Transformation and Resolution Path’ that will bring Higher Order and support from the Higher Dimensions to transform the existing reality while drawing in the resources and the consciousness shift necessary for the resolution of the issue in question.

(1) GO TO Select the Planetary Healing Formula SECTION BELOW

(2) CLICK ON: ‘Planetary Healing’ Product square


(A) 582 Euros – Foundation Planetary Healing addressing the root causes of the environmental or social issue and drawing in the resources needed for achieving this short-term goal conceived as a step in a larger gradual shift.

(B) 852 Euros – Advanced Planetary Healing aiming at the creation of structures and support for a major social or environmental shift as well as its follow up through time as a long-term goal.


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