Co-Creation Reading

Private Sessions with Nigma

Co-Creation Reading

In this Higher Guidance Session we take a close look at how you co-create your own reality, the connections between your past beliefs, decisions, choices or actions and their present or future results and consequences. It shows you the changes required of you, what you need to release and what to implement in order to shift the balance in your favour, to maximize your potential and enhance the outcomes of all your efforts and undertakings.


Depending on the number or the complexity of your enquiries, you can be offered either summarized Guidance in one Session or comprehensive Guidance in a Series of Sessions allowing for much more detail, insight and analysis. If your have many enquiries or a complex one concerning diverse matters, choose a Value Package – a Series of 5 IN-DEPTH Sessions offering a variety of Reading Formats adapted to different topics, and an additional BONUS 6th Session FREE OF CHARGE.


• One 2h CONCISE Reading, or
• One 4h IN-DEPTH Reading (or split into Two 2h Sessions)


• A Series of Five 4h Sessions combining a variety of Reading Formats and Topics of your choice: e.g.: Challenges & Opportunities, Co-Creation, Dilemmas Resolving, Relationships and a Bindrunes & Runic Amulet Design (1 Personal Runic Amulet, 2 Special Purpose Bindrunes and a Guidance Session)
1 FREE OF CHARGE BONUS: (a) One 4h Sacred Runes Reading (or split into Two 2h Sessions) or (b) BioEntrainment healing and optimizing your Nervous System responsible for the transmission of information and, therefore, the reception and understanding of Higher Guidance
• A PDF with Guidance highlights and useful notes based on your Readings


Contact Nigma directly by text message on WhatsApp or Telegram (+52 999 640 3414 Mexico or +34 653 218 000 Spain) or by email (contact @ Pleiadian with a copy to Pleiadian Alchemy @ for reassurance).