Energy Coding 2: Multi-D Healing

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Healing Goals

Energy Coding for Achieving Challenging Goals and Breakthroughs in Your Healing on the Vibrational, Genetic, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Karmic Levels.

The Healing Codes rewrite Your Reality with Sacred Geometry and Light attracting support in any aspect that you are struggling to heal without enough success. They help you to create breakthroughs in your wellness and renewal as well as to achieve the challenging goals in your multilevel healing, including the vibrational, genetic, physical, emotional, mental and karmic levels by working on their root causes.


Each Healing Code needs to be focused on one specific Multi-D Healing goal since it designs a unique healing path guided by The Great Spirit and your Higher Guides through experiences, lessons, discoveries, realizations, insights, shifts and empowerment to produce the desired results by drawing in the necessary resources and addressing the specific root causes. It is a powerful esoteric tool that works with the Universal Laws ruling both the Physical Third Dimension and the Higher Dimensions, including the Law of Free Will and the Principle of the Frequency Resonance or the Law of Attraction. The Multi-D Healing Energy Coding aligns you with your highest good and higher purpose, allowing you to gradually evolve to your highest potential, while working even on the issues you are not aware of, and propelling the necessary changes in what you want and specially in what you need.


  • The Multi-D Energy Coding Service consists in channelling and designing a unique healing path for you and the specific goal by creating a Healing Code (a sequence of Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies) that attracts required resources as well as the support of The Great Spirit and Higher Guides who will guide you along that healing process through lessons, experiences, insights, and breakthroughs until you achieve your goal.
  • The Healing Code works on the root causes of your blockages that prevent you from achieving what you desire and from developing your highest potential. The root causes often include self-sabotage programs, vows and self-limiting patterns of thought, beliefs, emotions, attitude or behaviour.
  • The method, passed down by the Mesoamerican Shamans and Curanderos, works with the Energy Exchange: you give to receive, meaning you make an offering of a Planetary Healing, this way, setting the Energy flow in motion so the Universe grants you the support in achieving your goal. This process teaches you to remember that your issue to be resolved is just a part of a bigger-scale issue in the world that you need to address, and to balance the Universal Energy and get support, you must give back to the Planet and contributing to the healing any environmental or social issue that draws your attention, either in your community or on a more global scale.
  • Each Code takes a few days to create and activate in a Shamanic Ceremony.
  • The Energy Coding is an ideal complement to your Sessions bringing balance into your evolutionary processes. The Sessions require your presence and proactive participation, while the Services give you an additional support from your Higher Guides and the Great Spirit who guide you and your healing process outside the Sessions securing progress through lessons, experiences, insights and breakthroughs.



Depending on the degree of your commitment to your healing and evolution, choose either (a) 1 Healing Code Service addressing one specific healing goal or (b) The Energy Coding 2: Multi-D Healing Value Package to address a series of goals. Apart from having a greater impact on your life and development due to addressing various issues, the full encoding package offers 3 BONUS Planetary Healing Services FREE OF CHARGE (one for each of your Healing Codes).


  • 1 ‘Healing Code’ Service for achieving one challenging goal regarding your multi-level health
  • 1 BONUS Planetary Healing Code FREE OF CHARGE addressing any environmental or social issue that draws your attention, either in your community or on a larger scale, as your gift to Mother Earth and the Universe.


  • 3 ‘Healing Code’ Services, each dedicated to a different aspect necessary in a process of multi-level healing (vibrational, genetic, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even past life healing, etc.).
  • 3 BONUSES ‘Planetary Healing’ Services FREE OF CHARGE as offerings to balance the Universal Energy and to make the support for your personal transformational goal granted.


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