Pleiadian DNA Alchemy

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The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy

The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy is a genetic, vibrational, emotional and spiritual transformation and healing conceived from the convergence of the science of Epigenetics with the Mesomerican Shamanic tradition and the mysticism of the Alchemical Temple Science. A powerful tool for the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical Transmutation through personalized DNA Reprogramming, it shifts your Consciousness and DNA improving your Blueprint readout of your potential as well as the quality of your self-expression and life experience.

According to your transformational and healing needs and goals, it can target:

  • your Spiritual Transmutation and shift of your Awareness, Inter-Connection, Belief and Value Patterns
  • your Mental Transmutation and shift of your Thought Patterns
  • your Emotional Transmutation and shift of your Emotion Patterns
  • your Physical Transmutation and the shift of your Health Patterns

Depending on the depth and extension of the Transformation and Healing you wish to achieve, and whether you expect the results to benefit yourself only or also the members of your family, you will choose one of the 3 Levels to work on. With an increasing number of features and their and complexity, each Level’s methods and elements we work with are embedded in the next higher Level, therefore Level 1 is the most basic, while Level 3 is the most complete containing all the features from Level 1 and 2 in addition to the Level 3 methods and elements for Transformation and Healing:



On Level 1 of the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy we reprogram and transmute the level of your Blueprint that contains your individual detrimental traits, both self-created and acquired through any social influence of your family, friends, educational structures, etc., including root causes, attitudes, aptitudes, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviour or habits that produce recurring detrimental self-limiting or self-destructive patterns in your life experience or the resulting health issues.

Choose to work in Sessions on Your Individual Issues Level if your time and resources are limited and you can only take care of yourself but not of your closest Ancestors or your whole Lineage, and though the depth of your Transformation and Healing will not be as deep and thorough as it could become by working on Levels 2 or 3 (the Ancestral or the Entire Lineage Levels), it is still definitely a better option than not working on your DNA Transmutation at all.


On Level 2 of the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy we work on a deeper level of your Blueprint reprogramming and transmuting those of your detrimental features that are more deeply ingrained since they run in the family and are shared by your closest generations such as your Siblings, Parents and Grandparents. Working on the ancestral level of yourself and your maternal and paternal lineages will help to transmute all these negative, self-limiting or self-destructive traits and patterns in your life experience or the resulting health issues that are inherited and you perpetuate as part of your closest genealogical line and genetic pool.

Choose to work in Sessions on Your Ancestral Issues Level if you have more time and resources to support not only yourself by working on a deeper level of the inherited and deeply ingrained issues, but also to take care of your closest Ancestors at the same time as you work on yourself.


On Level 3 of the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy we wok on the deepest level of your Blueprint and extend the reach of the positive impact of the reprogramming and transmutations back and forward in time:

  • benefiting your entire Lineage, not only your closest generations but all of your Ancestors from the beginning of Time
  • and also all your Descendants, starting with your Children and Grandchildren,
  • with additional far-reaching healing ripple effect surpassing your present life into your future lives.

Choose to work in Sessions on Your Entire Lineage Issues Level if you wish to deal with your own issues once for all with no more excuses, if you believe that it is part of your Soul Contract and responsibility to heal your Lineage, and if your time and resources allow you to support not only yourself by working on this deepest level of your genetic pool issues for your own transformation and healing, but also to take care of both your Ancestors and your Descendants at the same time as you work on yourself.


It reprograms and transmutes your DNA and consciousness with the Power of Sound, Mantras, Affirmations and the Archetypal Cosmic-Telluric Energies all along the Space-Time-Vibration Continuum Spirals of Creation. Setting off your Blueprint transmutation, it transforms your psyche and your life experience, shifting your level of consciousness and many aspects of your self-expression including attitude, traits, health, relationships, and the nature of your manifestations. With the DNA Activations and Deactivations of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, aptitudes, habits and any form of genetic inheritance, you can neutralize any self-created, acquired or genetically transmitted negative potential and transform it according to your Free Will. The process of replacement with the opposite empowering features speeds up your multidimensional human expansion towards a higher order of light, balance and harmony, opening the door to the manifestation of your highest potential.

Session Options:

Remember that your transformation and healing depend on the degree of your proactivity, dedication and commitment. A Series of Transmutations creates the right conditions to bring about more effective and long-lasting results than a one-off Session.


• One 4h Session (or split into Two 2h Sessions)


• A Series of 4 Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Sessions (4h each or split into eight 2h Sessions)
1 ‘Pleiadian Download Healing – Research & Self-Discovery’, a prerequisite preparatory session and research service aimed at the detection and assessment of your actual transformational and healing needs for a more complete and well planned transmutation process: recurring issues, detrimental patterns, self-sabotage programs, self-limiting beliefs, imbalances, blockages, afflictions and their foundation origins diagnosis (if you book more that one DNA Packages, instead of the repetition of this PDH Session, you will receive another DNA Alchemy Session from the 2nd Package onward)
1 FREE OF CHARGE BONUSBioEntrainment: optimizing and healing your Cardiovascular System on vibrational level responsible for your relationship with Self, emotional reactions, experiencing and processing
• A PDF with your DNA Reprogramming & Transmutations Charts and Description


Contact Nigma directly by text message on WhatsApp or Telegram (+52 999 640 3414 Mexico or +34 653 218 000 Spain) or by email (contact @ Pleiadian with a copy to Pleiadian Alchemy @ for reassurance).


  • If you book ‘1 DNA Alchemy Session’, at the same time please book the ‘Pleiadian Download Healing – Research & Self-Discovery’, the prerequisite preparatory research service for prior exploration and assessment of what DNA Reprogramming you actually require.
  • If you book ‘The DNA Alchemy Journey – Value Package’, the ‘Pleiadian Download Healing – Research & Self-Discovery’ is already included.