Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology

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LEVEL 1: 6 days
LEVEL 2: 6 days

Foundation Level Practitioner Training: 6 days
Advanced Level Practitioner Training:   6 days


This Workshop is a ‘one of a kind’ course having no rivals among other Soul Contract or Mayan Astrology courses around the world. It is unique based on many of its exceptional features:

  • Comprehensive Content – it covers numerous aspects of the Mayan Calendar, Astrology and Numerology as well as The Mayan Tree of Life, the Soul Contract and its individual Sacred Agreements omitted in other more concise courses on the subject for the general public; in this comprehensive workshop you gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject as well as its transcendence and enormous value for your growth as a Human, not missing any valuable and inspiring elements that can help you find crucial answers, heal and grow while transforming yourself and your life;
  • 2 Alternative Formats for a One-To-One Study suiting your Commitment Level – it is now offered in 2 alternative formats of the One-To-One Workshop for you to choose from according to your level of commitment to your Seeker’s Quest, depending on how much time and financial resources you wish to invest in your learning and empowerment: the Essential Format or the Full Format (More details below);
  • ‘The True Time Count’ based on the Authentic Mayan Tradition of ancient and living Mayan Communities – it teaches you the authentic Calendrical and Astrological systems following ‘The Real Time’ concept and ‘The True Time Count’ practiced still today after millenia by numerous Mayan Communities in Central America and, therefore, it reveals your true Soul Contract;
  • A detailed criticism of a modern false system widespread on internet rejected by the Maya Elders – the ‘Dreamspell’ fabricated by José Argüelles propagated under the Mayan label his own invented concepts such as ‘The Day Without Time’, ‘The Oracle’ instead of the traditional Mayan Tree of Life, wrong definitions and descriptions of many Archetypal Energies, a fake Time Count in an attempt to fit in the Chinese Astrology elements and acclaim himself as a prophet, erroneous synchronization of the Gregorian Calendar dates to the Mayan Calendar causing the mistaken correspondence of Ruling Day Energies to specific dates and, as e result, assigning the wrong Soul Contracts to everybody, etc.;
  • 2 Decades of Research into the Mayan Calendar, Astrology & Numerology – it is the result of a thorough, arduous and ongoing study into the main subjects conducted for over two decades so the information, wisdom and knowledge you receive is reliable and truthful;
  • 4 Decades of Research into Complementary Disciplines – it is a continuation of a longer and broader research into many interconnected esoteric, spiritual and occult disciplines studied by Nigma since her childhood, including Assyro-Babylonian Astrology and Numerology, DNA Re-Programming, Pleiadian Heritage, the Tarot, Runes, Sacred Geometry, Energy Coding, and Radiesthesia, thanks to being initiated and mentored by her Father at an early age;
  • Holistic Character – in its scope, insight and understanding, it is enriched by the interconnection with other esoteric, spiritual and occult disciplines, granting it a broader perspective and a holistic character;
  • A Wide Range of Traditional and Academic Sources – it is the product of expeditions, studies, interviews and Ceremonies with many Mayan Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Time Keepers, scholars, authors, editors and native community members, as well as of the research into hundreds of written sources, codices, books on the subject and other disciplines, including Mayan dictionaries and literature on Mayan history and archaeology;
  • Blend of the Traditional and Modern Perspectives – it offers an unbiased approach to Soul Contract, Mayan Astrology, the Mayan Calendar and its millenary timeless wisdom by blending the traditional insights with the modern multicultural perspectives for a deeper understanding and its applicability to our lives in the contemporary times, so we can benefit from its messages for our self-discovery, transformation, healing and spiritual growth, regardless our origin or nationality;
  • Blend of Nigma’s experience as a Psychic, Channeller, Spiritual Guide, Healer and Teacher – the course contains a lot of original material, insights and conclusions that Nigma has been able to conceive and contribute with due to being a Psychic, Channeller, Spiritual Guide, Healer and Teacher with a long trajectory of international activity;
  • Sources in Many Languages – its contributing sources were transmitted in many languages, so this course benefits from Nigma’s multilingual education and numerous travels around the world, both having given her access to valuable sources of information, wisdom and knowledge either written or transmitted orally in various languages, especially in Spanish, Yucatec Maya and K’iche’ Maya and English;
  • Linguistic Foundation in the Mayan Languages – it includes frequent references to the etymology of the original Mayan names, key terms, concepts, locations and basic terminology related to the Mayan Astrology, Numerology, Maths, Calendrical System, Hieroglyphics, Archetypal Energies of Universal Consciousness and Nawals/Wáays to disclose their true meanings and deeper interpretation to help you understand its value and how everything is interconnected;


The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology is now offered in 2 alternative formats of a One-To-One Workshop for you to choose from according to your level of commitment to your Seeker’s Quest, depending on how much time and financial resources you wish to invest in your learning and empowerment:


offers the basic standardized didactic materials and a reduced schedule of 36 hours per Level (6 days of 6 hours, best split into twelve 3-hour classes according to availability) covering the most crucial program elements while eliminating the advanced features to allow for a more concise and lower-cost form of the course.

  • RECOMMENDED for those of you who have a limited availability of time and funds for your study;



offers the expanded personalized didactic materials and the full schedule of 48 hours per Level (6 days of 8 hours, best split into twelve 4-hour classes or sixteen 3-hour classes according to availability) for an in-depth study and analysis while covering all program elements including:

  • All the advanced features composing the Full Program;
  • BONUS 1: Additional units and materials;
  • BONUS 2: Personalized approach for a life-changing learning experience turns your One-To-One Classes aimed at learning also into Private Sessions aimed at Self-Discovery, Guidance, Transformation and Healing; You will be given additional exercises and homework that focus on your specific case and individual needs to allow for a life-changing learning experience; Nigma will be reviewing your homework, contributing with insights and comments during your Class to enrich your progress in self-understanding and self-knowledge resulting from the teachings of the Sacred Mayan Calendar & Astrology;
  • BONUS 3: The Sacred Ceremonies allowing you to learn in the traditional Mayan  way, connecting to, ‘meeting’ and feeling all the Archetypal Energies of Nawals, Guardians, Lords of Time, Gods and Goddesses, experiencing on the spiritual, emotional and vibrational levels instead of an intellectual analysis only;
  • BONUS 4: Sacred Geometry Connection Codes for all Deities (Guardians, Goddesses and Gods) enabling you to connect to them and integrate their Archetypes of Universal Consciousness (attributes, powers, teachings and lessons) as well as access them for guidance, transformation and healing to work with them in a team on your Human personal growth and your Soul’s spiritual evolution;
  • BONUS 5: A FREE GIFT of your personal Soul Contract elaboration (min. 60 pages) as a sample, analysis and practice to be worked on during the Levels 3+4 Workshop, offering you further details on the specific aspects, lessons and challenges of your individual Sacred Agreements, and unveiling new advanced material in addition to the more general one explored previously in Levels 1+2;
  • A MUST for those of you who will be taking the Practitioner Training;
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED also for everyone who wishes to study the subject in depth;


Your Soul Contract is the collection of the Sacred Agreements made by your Soul before conception and birth into your current incarnation conveying your Soul’s intentions, evolutionary lessons and experiences planed for this lifetime. Unlike the Western or the Assyro-Babylonian Astrology of astronomical character, based on the position, correlation and distribution of the celestial bodies in the Zodiac Constellations and Astrological Houses at the moment of birth, the Traditional Mayan Astrology and Numerology are founded upon the Structure of Creation and the Universal-Earthly Rhythms of the Cosmic-Telluric Energies described by the Mesoamerican Sacred Calendar, the Cholq’iij/Tzolk’iin, a dimensional energies calendar instead of an astronomical one. It allows you to discover and unravel numerous aspects of your Sacred Agreements, your genetic Human Design, Quintessence, Resources, Polarities, Origins, Destiny Path and Higher Purpose as imprinted on your DNA by the Cosmic and Telluric Energies converging from the 4 Corners of the Universe at the transcendent moments of your conception and birth. You need this knowledge to guide you in your life experiences and growth on the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical levels, to harmonize you with the Cosmos, our Planet and Your Higher Self, as well as to find and embrace your Sacred Path and your Higher Purpose.

According to the Mesoamerican Shamanic traditions and their complex calendrical system, each day in human history is governed by specific Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Telluric Energies, expressing Archetypes of the Universal Consciousness. The days of your conception and birth are not random but carefully chosen by your Soul and your Higher Guides so that the Ruling Energies can relevantly configure your genetic design, and with it your psychological set up. This way you can be conducted into the preconceived direction, with a specific evolutionary potential, personality and a mirroring life path, in order to fulfil your Soul’s goals in terms of lessons and experiences it seeks, especially the ones that were missing or failed in previous lifetimes.

Among its many aspects, the Soul Contract includes: (1) your Higher Purpose, a special Soul’s quest and mission you need to focus on in this lifetime; (2) your Natal Core Energies of your Heart and Soul, your Quintessence configuring your identity, personality and developmental potential, your traits and gifts, your weaknesses and strengths, the polarities to work with and resolve for the growth of your Higher and Lower Selves; (3) your Conception Energies expressing your origins, past lives, Ancestors, your genetic heritage, imprints and conditioning passed down your family bloodline; (4) your Destiny Path determining the direction in which you are meant to aim your life steps for your growth and evolution, including your activities, endeavours, vocation and call, desired experiences, lessons to learn from, challenges and trials to face and overcome; (5) your Right and Left Brain Hemispheres configuration granting you resources and tools for your self-expression and manifestation, the definition of your Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies shaping your Inner and Outer Worlds structures as well as your intuitive or emotional aspects versus your mental, physical and material ones.

The main benefits of uncovering your Soul Contract are not only a deeper self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-acceptance that you gain, or the sense of alignment with your original true identity, but also the fact that, by becoming aware of and accepting your Sacred Agreements, you will get the opportunity to integrate and work with the resources bestowed upon you by the Source, the Universe and the Nature, which you will experience as highly empowering, inspiring and grounding. You will feel propelled into the development of your full potential instead of struggling to be who others expect you to be, living a different unfulfiling life either chosen by yourself unwittingly or imposed by the expectations of your society and family.


The Soul’s Journey • The concept of the Soul Contract as the collection of Sacred Agreements of the Soul pertaining each Plane of Existence • The Mayan Cosmogony • The Najt: The Space-Time-Vibration Continuum Macrospiral birthing the Manifestation of All Creation and weaving The Fabric of Reality • The Traditional Mayan Astrology & Numerology founded upon the Structure of Creation and the Universal-Earthly Rhythms of the Cosmic-Telluric Energies • The Structure of the Complex Mesoamerican Calendrical System • A wide range of the Mayan Calendars working with different Time Cycles • The Choltun: The Long Count Calendar • The Ab’/Haab: The Civic Solar Calendar • The Cholq’iij/Tzolk’iin: The Spiritual Lunar Dimensional Sacred Master Calendar • Mayan Secrets of Human Genetic Design • Mayan Archetypal Energies of the Universal Consciousness • Nawal: The Essence, Spirit & Energy of Everything & The Archetypal Alter-Ego • The Power Animal Guides & Teachers • The Mayan Heirloom Of Destiny • The Mayan Tree of Life or the Mayan Cross • The Soul Contract Interpretation

  • El Mayab – the location, territory, history and origins of the Mayan World
  • Ancient and Contemporary Mayan Languages – the linguistic diversity of El Mayab and the resulting a variety of terminology pertinent to the Mayan Calendar, Astrology and Numerology
  • The Mayan Time Keepers, Elders and Shamans and their Sacred Ceremonies of facilitating Spiritual Guidance aimed at self-discovery, personal transformation, healing and spiritual growth
  • The Soul Contract concept as a collection of Sacred Agreements pertaining to each of the numerous Planes of Existence, made by the Soul before conception and birth for the upcoming incarnation to further its evolution;
  • The Soul Contract interpretation following the Traditional Mayan Astrology and Numerology based on the Sacred Master Calendar, part of a larger Mesoamerican Calendrical System
  • The Mayan Secrets of Human Genetic Design — DNA Programming by the Cosmic, Galactic, Stellar and Telluric Archetypal Energies ruling on the day you were conceived and born, determining your positive and negative potential of attitudes and personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, your Right & Left Brain configuration, your Higher Purpose as well as your life path and experiences
  • The Mayan Cosmogony – the History or Myths of Creation
  • The Natural Order – Structure of Time and the Cosmic Fabric of Reality
  • The Duality – the driving force of consciousness, energy, matter and life permeating All Creation
  • The Mesoamerican Deities Pantheon and their Duality
  • The Najt: The Space-Time-Vibration Continuum Macrospiral birthing the Manifestation of All Creation and weaving the Fabric of Reality
  • The Sacred Sounds of ancient Maya origin and their expression in their Cosmogony, art, language and foundation terminology of the Mayan spirituality
  • The Principles of the Traditional Mayan Astrology and Numerology founded upon the Structure of Creation and the Universal-Earthly Rhythms of the Cosmic-Telluric Energies – the differences between the Mesoamerican Astrology and the Western or Assyro-Babylonian Astrology
  • The Universal, Galactic, Stellar and Planetary Energies in the Universe and the human genetic coding
  • The Mayan Units of Time and the millenary tradition of Time Keeping
  • The Mesoamerican Calendrical System – its complexity and the analysis of numerous mutually synchronized calendars, each describing a different Time Cycle
  • The Choltun – The Long Count Calendar, the galactic cycle calendar advancing the expansion of the Universal Consciousness
  • The Ab’/Haab – the mundane civil solar calendar, and your genetic configuration contributions at the moment of birth based on it
  • The Cholq’iij/Tzolk’iin (The Sacred Master Calendar) – the heavenly, sacred, spiritual, ceremonial, ritual, lunar, Dimensional Energies Calendar instead of an Astronomical one, and your genetic configuration at the moment of conception and birth
  • Mayan Archetypal Energies of the Cholq’iij / the Tzolk’iin for the Soul Contract interpretation
  • The Mayan Day/Time/Light/Solar Energies and the 20 Nawals of the Cholq’iij / the Tzolk’iin for the Soul Contract interpretation – your 20 amino acids configuring your DNA
  • The Power Animal Teachers – Animals, Plants, Crystals and Natural Phenomena as the Alter-Ego and the Guides, Guardians and Protectors of our paths
  • The Mesoamerican Mathematical System – the Vigesimal base 20 count versus the Decimal one and the Maya mathematical notation
  • The Traditional Mayan Numerology for the Soul Contract interpretation – Energy Levels, Dimensions and the attributes of each number vibration in the Creation and the Human Genetic Design
  • The Cycles and Rhythms within different Calendars – The Cycle of 4, The Cycle of 13, the Cycle of 20, the Cycle of 52, etc.
  • The Sacred Geometry present in the Mayan traditional art, architecture and ceremonial objects, their meaning and roots in the Mesoamerican Cosmogony
  • The Mayan Source Energies: Hunab K’u (The One Diversified Heart, The Giver of Movement and Measure), Sacred Feminine & Masculine, The Nature Forces, Gods and Goddesses
  • The Mayan Sacred Directions for the Soul Contract interpretation: the 4 Earthly Sacred versus the 7 Cosmic Sacred Directions
  • The Harmonious and Complementary Signs – their interactions and resulting challenging or supporting forces
  • Various Calculation Methods for the elaboration of the Astrological Chart and the Soul Contract interpretation
  • The Mayan Tree of Life – the Mayan Cross of the foundation Archetypal Energies constituting your genetic design
  • Your Natal Energies – your Quintessence, Identity Signature, your Heart & Soul defining your personality traits, your strengths and weaknesses, the Polarities you work with in this lifetime for your evolutionary purposes
  • Your Conception Energies – expressing your past lives, origins, Ancestors, and genetic heritage or conditioning passed down your family bloodline
  • Your Destiny Path – your life path as a mirroring reflection of your personality traits; the predetermined direction of your evolution, activities, vocation and call in this lifetime, chosen experiences, lessons to learn from, challenges and trials to face and overcome, polarities to resolve and work with
  • Your Sacred Feminine Energies – your Right Hemisphere Programming of your Inner World, your psyche, your spiritual, intuitive and emotional potential, traits, tendencies and aptitudes
  • Your Sacred Masculine Energies – your Left Hemisphere Programming of your Outer World, your manifest physical world and environment, your body, your physical activity, proactivity and achievement potential, mental and intellectual traits, tendencies and aptitudes
  • Your Higher Purpose – your Soul’s Purpose, a special quest and mission in this lifetime
  • Basic Mayan Hieroglyphics for the main Calendars, Time Units, Nawals, Numerology, Colours and Sacred Directions
  • The Mayan and other Mesoamerican Codices that survived the colonial destruction
  • The Mayan Traditional Literature collecting the oral tradition and transcribing older written texts translated to Spanish in early colonial period
  • The Mayan Prophesies – the Mayan traditional poetic language, common misconceptions and probable interpretations
  • Mayan Sacred Ceremonies and their transcendence

We do not facilitate a more detailed version of the Workshop Program for copyright reasons. Trust your intuition rather than an intellectual scrutiny of the contents. If you feel drawn to this workshop, it definitely means that you have found this information by Higher Guidance, and that this system holds valuable insights, inspiration and healing for you as well as the skills you need in your evolutionary path. No access to our complete Program can guarantee this to you. Therefore, we request that you do not contact us with such enquiries.

Temple of the Great Jaguar —
the Pyramid in Tikal, Guatemala

Hunab K’u — The One Diversified Heart,
The Giver of Movement and Measure


Working with the Mayan Astrology and Numerology opens the door to a most fascinating way of unravelling your Soul Contract. Unlike many other astrological systems concerned with the planetary movements and their influence on human psyche and lives, the Mayan Astrology is founded upon the Structure of Creation and the Universal-Earthly Rhythms of the Cosmic-Telluric Energies described by the Mayan Sacred Calendar, part of the complex Mesoamerican Calendrical System. It contains the esoteric wisdom and knowledge of the Universal Archetypal Energies ruling the Universal Consciousness, Earth and Human Psyche, that configure our personalities and our life´s path (as our personality’s mirroring reflection) by programming our DNA on the day we were born. The Solar Energies (Nawals – our totemic alter-egos), and the Number Vibrations, emitted from the Sun and the Galactic Core respectively, combine into 260 unique Synchronicities taking turns in ever-repeating cycles, with precision and in specific order. For thousand of years the count of those energies have been diligently kept by dedicated Elders and Wisdom Keepers called Ajqiijab (Time Keepers), all throughout dozens of the Mayan communities of Central America, such as the Yucatec, Mamean (Mam), Quichean (K’iche’) and Kaqchikel Maya, among many others.

According to the Maya tradition, each day in history has been ruled by those Archetypal Energies. By discovering which Energies were ruling on the day you were born, and which, therefore, you literally embody by virtue of the encoding with specific Cosmic and Telluric Frequencies at birth, you can find out your DNA configuration through the Mayan Tree of Life. This concept embraces a variety of personal aspects, such as your personality traits, with the positive and negative potential, strengths and weaknesses, the polarities you need to resolve; your current identity within the broader context of your Eternal Soul; your destiny path mirroring your identity; and your Higher Purpose, among others. This information is enclosed in the attributes of the Archetypal Energies expressed by the Signs that configure your Mayan Tree of Life, also called the Mayan Cross: your Quintessence Archetype (your Natal Sign), your Conception Archetype (Past Sign), Destiny Archetype (Future Sign), your Right and Left Hemispheres representing your Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies (Yin & Yang) and your Inner and Outer Worlds. Your own Soul assisted by your Higher Guides chose your day of birth carefully and lovingly to achieve the fulfilment of your Sacred Agreements and your Higher Purpose in this life.

The study of the Soul Contract is based on the Mesoamerican Sacred Master Calendar, the original “Medicine Wheel” of the Native Americans, offering a life-transforming process that combines elements of guidance, self-discovery, transformation and healing. The Cholq’iij/Tzolk’iin, a unique spiritual, dimensional and lunar calendar able to pinpoint and unravel your Sacred Agreements, is part of a larger complex Mesoamerican Calendrical System. Long before the Maya,  the Toltecs and the Aztecs, it was passed down by the Olmecs, who either brought it directly from Atlantis or from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools after crossing the Atlantic Ocean all the way from North Africa. What adds to its mystery is the claim of the Calendar’s stellar origins and being a gift from a more advanced civilization and the Humanity’s founding Fathers and Mothers from The Pleiades, who not only engineered the Human race but also repeatedly visited Earth to help in the advancement of human evolution through teaching of agriculture, animal domestication, arts, astronomy, astrology, maths, science and technology. The Cholq’iij / the Tzolk’iin synchronizes all the other calendars aligning all humans with their Soul Contacts, their original frequencies and identities. Thus, it harmonizes us with the Space-Time-Vibration Continuum Spirals of Creation, the very Fabric of Reality, and the Hunab K’u, the One Diversified Heart, the Giver of Movement and Measure.


The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop is an ideal complement to the study of the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop. By dedicating our attention first in the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop to the comprehensive analysis of the Mayan Cosmogony, the history of Creation, the structure of the Fabric of Reality woven by the Universal and Earthly Rhythms of the Cosmic and Telluric Energies described in the Cholq’iij/Tzolk’iin, the Sacred Master Calendar that contains the secrets of the Human Genetic Design, we lay a solid foundation for its use in the DNA healing and re-programming for you to follow studying afterwards. See: The Pleiadian DNA Alchemy Workshop page.


  • a notebook or a block of paper sheets (for drawing glyphs of the Archetypal Energies and taking your individual notes with insights, comments and lists of questions)
  • 6 colour crayons or pens in 6 colours (red, light/pale blue, black, yellow, blue and green)
  • a pencil and a pencil sharpener (best with a shavings container to prevent making your table and notebook dirty)



To register in the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshops the prerequisites are:

  • for Level 1: None
  • for Level 2: The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Level 1 Workshop


To register in The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Practitioner Training the prerequisites are:

  • for the Foundation Level Practitioner Training: The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Levels 1 Workshop
  • for the Advanced Level Practitioner Training: The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Levels 1+2 Workshops and the Foundation Level Practitioner Training



After completing the study of each of the two Stages of the Workshops, you will receive the Certificate of Attendance that proves your Workshops completion but does not authorize you to exercise as a Practitioner:

  • The Certificate of Attendance in the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Level 1 Workshop
  • The Certificate of Attendance in the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Level 2 Workshop


After completing the study of each Practitioner Training Level, you will receive a corresponding Practitioner Certificate of Attendance and Aptitude, only the second one authorizing you to assist others as a Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Practitioner:

  • The Certificate of Attendance in the Foundation Level Practitioner Training in the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology
  • The Certificate of Aptitude attesting your completion of the Advanced Level Practitioner Training and authorizing your activity assisting others as a Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Practitioner