Pattern Shift 1: Inner You

Private Sessions with Nigma

Pattern Shift 1:

The Inner You/Your Inner Self

Your Chakra System Coding for Pattern Upgrade in the 7 Foundation Aspects of Self-Expression, Initiating the Positive Changes in the Corresponding Aspect of Your Life

Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies will help you to mould and shift your energy and consciousness when you struggle to make positive changes or wish to speed up the breakthroughs in your progress. This foundation 7-Chakra System Coding aims at your personal transformation and shift of detrimental self-limiting patterns of The Inner You (Your Inner Self, Your Inner World, Your Psyche and Subjective Reality). The Chakra Code upgrades the 7 foundation aspects of your self-expression and life experience while aligning you with your Higher Purpose and your Highest Potential for your Highest Good.


‘The Chakra Code’ combines Sacred Geometry and Light to modify your imbalanced, stagnated or obsolete energy and consciousness patterns with the attributes, abilities and powers of geometrical shapes and colour frequencies.


‘The Pattern Shift 1’ Coding Service & Session targets your detrimental and self-limiting patterns of “The Inner You” and replaces them with the new ones that allow you to evolve and develop your highest potential. Both conscious and unconscious patterns of thought, beliefs, emotions and behaviour are stored in your Subtle Bodies and DNA, inevitably producing projections in form of patterns of manifestation, experiences and relationships. This Transformational Energy Coding aligns you with your Highest Good and Higher Purpose by reconfiguring the energy flow in your Chakras and their correlative Aura Layers with Sacred Geometry and Light. The powers of geometrical shapes and colour frequencies modify your imbalanced or stagnated energies and consciousness in the 7 foundation aspects of your self-expression initiating positive shifts in the corresponding 7 areas of your life. Your personal Chakra Code helps to create breakthroughs in your personal transformation and self-realization, while working even on the issues you are not aware of, propelling the necessary changes not only in what you want but specially in what you need.


Depending on the degree of your commitment to your self-discovery and evolution, choose either (a) ‘Pattern Shift 1’ Service+Session for the creation, processing and activation of your Chakra Code for The Inner You, or (b) ‘The Pattern Shift Journey’ (Value Package) for the full pattern shift in a series of 5+1 Services+Sessions allowing for a life-changing step-by-step transformational journey offering a BONUS 6th Service+Session FREE OF CHARGE.


  • One Coding Service and a 2-4h Session – Pattern Shift 1 for The Inner You (The Chakra Code)
  • A PDF file with the image, description and analysis of your Chakra Code configuration


  • A Series of 5 Pattern Shift Coding Services with respective 2-4h Sessions, each dedicated to a different aspect necessary in a full personal transformation (Chakra Code for The Inner You; Connectivity Code for The Outer You, Relationships and Reconnection; Harmonizing Codes for your Living and Working Spaces; Harmonizing Codes for your Frequently Used Objects, Electronic Devices, Instruments, Working or Healing Tools, Vehicles, Jewellery, Amulets, etc.; Empowerment Codes for Challenging Situations and Imminent Needs)
  • 1 FREE OF CHARGE BONUS (Role Codes for successful stepping into special professional or personal roles in challenging relationships, functions and missions)
  • A PDF with an approx. 50-page descriptions of all aspects of your Pattern Shift Encoding


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