Energy Coding III: Manifestation

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LEVEL 1: 4 days
LEVEL 2: 4 days

Manifestation Level: 6 days


Master the ancient Shamanic skills of Manifestation by means of Energy Coding with Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies to render your Multidimensional Human Expansion limitless while manifesting your life resources and goals on spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and material planes, improving your creativity, relationships, career, business, health and wealth. Energy Coding is a vibrational healing, transformation and manifestation system passed down by Mesoamerican Shamans and Curanderos (Traditional Healers), and its roots reach back in time to the Ancient Egypt and its Mystery Schools, Temple Science and High Priesthood esoteric secrets of rearranging and reshaping energy and matter. Build a strong foundation for your manifestation processes and skills working with the Universal Laws and the mutual interdependence between your Inner and Outer Worlds on a universal scale. Acknowledging the holographic nature of the Universe and harnessing the Universal Manifestation Laws (such as the Law of Abundance, Attraction, Vibration, Action, Manifestation, Knowledge, Order of Creation and Three Requests among others) while practicing Energy Coding will empower you with unlimited possibilities for manifestation in a life-transforming way. Learn a variety of techniques to support, speed up and enhance your manifestation efforts, including the use of Crystals, Aromatherapy, the expanded 13-Chakra System Transformational Coding raising you to the Pleiadian Level of Consciousness, and, above all, the Personal Manifestation Energy Coding to program the path of designing and achieving your dreams and goals both for yourself and others (Manifestation Codes, Personalized & Universal Healing Codes, Personal Manifestation Crystal Grids). Develop the skills in the Planetary Manifestation Energy Coding to support the Planetary Healing by manifesting the necessary resources for meeting the environmental and social needs by encoding the path of positive shifts in the world that must accompany and lead to the healing (Planetary Manifestation Codes, Planetary Manifestation Crystal Grids).

See: the Energy Coding introductory page.


If you are an Empath, a Lightworker or someone who feels the call to support Mother Earth, this is a powerful method for working on transforming, healing and manifesting goals for yourself and the Planet at the same time by addressing the needs, imbalances and crises of personal and planetary nature in one coherent system.


Energy Coding for Manifestation • Manifestation Powers of Stage III Geometrical Shapes & Light Frequencies • Transformational Codes for the Expanded 13-Chakra System – Raising to the Pleiadian Consciousness Level • Harmonizing Codes & Connectivity Codes for Supporting Manifestation of Goals • Manifestation Energy Coding with Sacred Geometry & Light Frequencies • Manifestation Codes: Personalized & Universal • Planetary Manifestation Codes: Custom-Made & Universal • Upgrading Your Energy Coding Perpetuator & Synchronizer with New Advanced Geometries & Light Frequencies to Make your Multidimensional Human Expansion Limitless • Discovering & Fulfilling Your Higher Purpose • Crystal Grids Creation for Personal Manifestation • Crystal Grids Creation for Planetary Manifestation • Aromatherapy for Balancing, Harmonization, Alignment, Transformation, Healing & Manifestation

  • Energy Coding III: Manifestation – a Holistic, Intuitive and Shamanic system for vibrational coding aiming manifestation of goals, dreams and your highest potential
  • The Subtle Bodies anatomy 3 (expanding the advanced Energy Field & Centre Structure from the 12- to the 13-Chakra System & Aura – Raising to the Pleiadian Consciousness Level)
  • The Universal Laws 1 Review: The Laws used in personal transformation now important in manifestation: The Law of Free Will, The Law of Responsibility, The Law of Discipline, The Law of Will Power, The Law of Honesty, The Law of Intention, The Law of the Present Moment, The Law of Will of Source/God, The Law of Expansion, The Law of Process, The Law of Progress, The Law of Unconditional Love, The Law of Schools or Love & Light, The Law of Right Human Relations, The Law of Intuition, The Law of Higher Will, The Law of Action, The Law of Akasha, The Law of One, The Law of Cohesion, The Law of Divine Flow, The Law of Spiritual Approach, The Law of Polarity, The Law of Balance, The Law of Analogy, The Law of Equalities/Correspondence, As Above So Below/As Below So Above, As Within So Without/As Without So Within, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Patterns, The Law of Frequency Resonance, The Law of Colour, The Law of Expectation, The Law of Faith, The Law of Divine Invocation, The Law of Monadic Return
  • The Universal Laws 2 Review: The Laws used in Personal and Planetary Healing now important in manifestation: The Law of Vibration, The Law of Healing, The Law of Justice, The Law of Forgiveness, The Law of Love, The Law of Perfection, The Law of Surrender, The Law of Rebound, The Law of Cycles, The Universal Law of Group Endeavour, The Law of Service, The Law of Common Ground, The Law of Summons, The Law of Economy of Force, The Law of Mantras, The Law of Prayer & Meditation, The Law of Good Will, The Law of Grace, The Law of Miracles
  • The Universal Laws 3: Further Laws governing all Creation, and respecting them in Manifestation Energy Coding to make the processes effective: The Law of Abundance, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Order of Creation, The Law of Manifestation, The Law of Patience, The Law of Time, The Law of Mentalism, The Law of Magnetism, The Law of Magnetic Control, The Law of Telepathy, The Law of Flexibility, The Law of Lotus, The Law of Knowledge, The Law of Three Requests
  • The Principle of Personal and Planetary Energies Circle in Energy Coding: the crucial need for working on the planetary transformation, healing and manifestation in order to set the Universal Energies in motion and close the Human-Planet circle by the Universal Law of Cycles while giving rise to your own personal transformation, healing and manifestation by acknowledging responsibility for Earth’s environmental and social issues and giving back to the community and the nature
  • Ethics and rules of working with Manifestation Energy Coding: acting only to highest good of all parties involved, only where and when we have responsibility and only when authorized; crucial role of responsibility, discernment and intuition
  • Sacred Geometry 5: Introduction 3:  Deeper research into the system of constructing the Universe
  • Sacred Geometry 6: The 3-Dimensional Sacred Geometry advanced elements for Energy Coding:  Catalan Solids, Hypershapes, more Advanced Pyramids and Advanced Prisms, the application of Advanced Toruses & Toroids for manifestation, etc.
  • Stage III Geometrical Shapes and their manifestation powers in Energy Coding
  • Stage III Colour Frequencies and their manifestation powers in Energy Coding
  • Pairing Stage III Geometrical Shapes & Light Frequencies, and activation of their manifestation powers
  • Transformational Codes 1: Chakra Codes: Inner Energy & Consciousness Coding for the expanded 13-Chakra System & Aura, supportive in restoring your personal balance, harmony and alignment with the Universal and Telluric Energies, your highest good and Sacred Agreement (Soul Contract), while freeing from social, educational, religious & karmic conditioning
  • Transformational Codes 2: Connectivity Codes: Changing your Connectivity Coding after the activation of your new expanded 13-Chakra Codes; your Outer Energy & Consciousness Coding for anchoring in the 7 Cardinal Points of the 7 Sacred Directions for reconnection and expansion of your link with Higher Consciousness and Planes
  • Harmonizing Codes: Changing the codes for your living and working spaces as well as your belongings and frequently used objects after the activation of the transformational expanded 13-Chakra Codes
  • Manifestation Energy Coding Introduction: The complete multi-character manifestation system: (1) multi-purpose (personal, environmental & planetary), (2) multi-dimensional (of your Higher Self & Lower Self in the Higher & Lower Planes throughout the Universe & the Multiverse) & (3) multi-level (vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital, physical, genetic & karmic)
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 1: The system and rules for personal manifestation of your own goals and dreams to your highest good and highest potential
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 2: The system and rules for personal manifestation of other people goals and dreams to their highest good and highest potential
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 3: Manifestation Projection & Downloads 1: Geometries & Colours for manifestation (Level 1)
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 4: Manifestation Projection & Downloads 2: Toruses & Toroids for manifestation (Level 1)
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 5: Manifestation Projection & Downloads 3: Stage 2 Vibration Codes for instant empowerment and shift in attitudinal, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical vibration and potential in imminent manifestation needs (Level 1)
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 6: Manifestation Projection & Downloads 4: Stage 2 Root Codes & Trail Codes for tracing and working on the root causes of imbalances and blockages to manifestation and patterns shift (Level 1)
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 7: Universal Manifestation Codes for support in vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital & physical manifestation while aligning you with your Highest Good, Highest Potential & your Higher Purpose
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 8: Asap Manifestation Codes for clearing blockages to manifestation, short-term goals, and a quick manifestation (Level 1)
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 9: Life Manifestation Codes for clearing blockages to manifestation, long-term goals, long-lasting results, and manifestation for a lifetime (Levels 2)
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 10: Higher Purpose Codes: Remembering, discovering and fulfilling your Higher Purpose, the Soul purpose you bring encoded for this incarnation as gifts, knowledge or skills to share, an objective for advancement in your own evolution or a mission to accomplish
  • Personal Manifestation Energy Coding 11: Upgrading Your Energy Coding Perpetuator & Synchronizer with new more advanced Geometries & Light Frequencies for (a) turning your Multidimensional Human Expansion limitless to develop your Highest Potential while aligning with your Highest Good & your Higher Purpose as well as (b) synchronizing all your Energy Codes (Chakra, Connectivity, Harmonizing, The Perpetuator Coding, Transformational Goals, Healing, Manifestation & Higher Purpose Codes) (Level 2)
  • Planetary Manifestation Energy Coding 1: Introduction: The system and rules for the planetary goals manifestation and healing of the world environmental and social issues, imbalances and crises (Level 1)
  • Planetary Manifestation Energy Coding 1: Projection & Downloads 1: Geometries & Colours, Toruses & Toroids for the planetary environmental and social goals manifestation
  • Planetary Manifestation Energy Coding 2: Projection & Downloads 2: Stage 2 Vibration, Root & Trail Codes for the planetary environmental and social goals manifestation
  • Planetary Manifestation Energy Coding 3: Planetary Manifestation Codes 1: Asap Manifestation Codes for a quick manifestation of resources necessary for the achievement of goals regarding the planetary environmental or social needs (Level 1)
  • Planetary Manifestation Energy Coding 4: Planetary Manifestation Codes 2: Life Manifestation Codes for long-term or multi-phase goals, and the long-lasting manifestation of resources necessary for the achievement of goals regarding the planetary environmental or social needs for a lifetime (Level 2)
  • Aromatherapy Foundations 3: The advanced powers and uses of the essential oils, the application of advanced Pleiadian Formulas in manifestation, in addition to clearing, cleansing and purification of your personal energy field and spaces, as well as  for the physical and subtle bodies detox
  • Crystal Healing Foundations 7: The manifestation powers of individual Crystals
  • Crystal Healing Foundations 8: Crystal Grids 5: Creation of the 13-Chakra Crystal Grids for personal energy harmonization, healing and support in manifestation of goals (Level 1)
  • Crystal Healing Foundations 9: Crystal Grids 6: Creation of Crystal Grids designed for the projection of the intention at a distant for support in manifestation of goals (Level 2)
  • Crystal Healing Foundations 10: Crystal Grids 7: Creation of Planetary Manifestation Crystals Grids for environmental and planetary energies harmonization and support in manifestation of planetary goals (Levels 1 & 2)

We do not facilitate a more detailed Workshop Program for copyright reasons. Trust your intuition rather than an intellectual scrutiny of the contents. If you feel drawn to this workshop, it definitely means that you have found this information by Higher Guidance, and that this system holds valuable insights, healing and skills you need in your evolutionary path. No access to the complete Program can guarantee that to you. Therefore, we request that you do not contact us with such enquiry.


The Energy Coding III: Manifestation Workshop introduces you into the arcana of Manifestation Coding techniques to assist you in pursuing and achieving your goals and dreams. Bringing the Light, Vibrational Order and Harmony into the Inner World of your psyche, soul and the energy systems with the supportive coding and the awakened sense of higher purpose, you will experience the correlative alignment spreading throughout the Outer World of your body, life and environment. You learn the Energy Coding aspects capable of improving your manifestation skills and processes through (a) the practice of the Universal Manifestation Laws, (b) the application of the Universal Manifestation Codes for shifts on vibrational level to initiate the transmutation on the other levels, (c) the elaboration of Personalized Manifestation Codes for achieving your own personal goals and dreams or supporting others with accomplishing their projects, and (d) the creation of the Planetary Healing Codes for setting the manifestation energies in motion by giving first to your community and the Planet. In Stage III, the Manifestation Energy Coding is performed with multiple chains of 49-Shaped Codes for “asap” manifestation (Level 1) and the advanced 144-Shaped Codes for the “lifetime” manifestation (Level 2). You learn the advanced Vibration, Root and Trail Codes, and upgrade further the Perpetuator Coding and the Energy Coding Synchronizer resources with more advanced Geometries and Light Frequencies to make your manifestation, healing and transformation processes and skills more comprehensive and your Multidimensional Human Expansion limitless. You program the environmental and planetary Harmonizing Codes in relation to the basic 7-Chakra System and the advanced 12-Chakra System linking the manifestation processes to the genetic level, while you learn to create the Transformational Codes for the expanded 13-Chakra System, upgrading your transformational, healing and manifestation processes to the 5th-Dimensional Pleiadian Consciousness Level.

You will also learn to trace and work on the root causes of the existing blockages to your manifestation skills or imbalances in the nature of your manifestations in diverse aspects of your life, including creativity, self-expression, private and relaxation time, relationships, work, career, business, abundance and finances, in order to recognize what issues need to be targeted for transformation and healing. Using the Pleiadian Protocol, the Higher Guidance and the Stage 3 Root Codes and Trail Codes, you will be able to trace a large array of issues back to their origins such as the low-vibrational thoughts and emotions, self-limiting attitude and belief system, traumas, past life imprints or the genetic, karmic, cultural, religious, social and educational conditioning. The Codes and the Protocol will expand your awareness by including the interconnectedness of factors and the necessity of clearing the root causes so the healing and the pattern shift can take place bringing long-lasting improved manifestation results. To make the Self-Care Routine complete, you learn the basic uses of aromatherapy and healing crystals to support and enhance your transformational and healing processes as well as unlock your and manifestation powers.

The Energy Coding system comes from the Shamans and Curanderos (Traditional Healers) of El Mayab (the Mayaland in Central America) and its techniques reach far back to the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science. It is characterized by surrendering to the Higher  Guidance through intuition for encoding the Chakra System and designing the path of transformation, healing and goal manifestation with Geometrical Shapes and Light Frequencies. You learn to connect to the Universal Higher Consciousness for valuable insights and understanding of your own or other Healees’ existing imbalances and transformational needs so that the choices are not made from the ego or the mental-intellectual perception of the person you are coding for. Instead, you surrender to the Great Spirit and the Higher-Dimensional Guidance so you can work with them in a team, and so they can guide you from the objective and higher-dimensional perspective for ideal coding configuration and best results in pattern shift, evolution to highest good, healing and manifestation. The golden rule is: “You get what you need, not what you want”.


  • a pendulum for dowsing (best made of stainless steel or wood to prevent energy impregnation and the need for constant cleansing (ideal while travelling and accessing guidance)
  • a notebook, a pen and a pencil
  • colored pencils or crayons (a set of 15 colours: gray, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, violet. lavender, white, silver, gold)
  • Pencil sharpener (best with a pencil shavings container to prevent making your table and notebook dirty)
  • your basic healing crystals collection, if you have one, highly recommended



To register in the Energy Coding III: Manifestation workshops the prerequisites are:

  • Energy Coding I: Transformation Levels 1 & 2
  • Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing Levels 1 & 2
  • Intuition, The Unconscious & Radiesthesia Levels 1, 2 & 3


To register in the Energy Coding III: Practitioner Training Manifestation Level the prerequisites are:

  • Energy Coding I: Transformation Levels 1 & 2
  • Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing Levels 1 & 2
  • Energy Coding III: Manifestation Levels 1 & 2
  • Intuition, The Unconscious & Radiesthesia Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Energy Coding I: Practitioner Training Transformation Level
  • Energy Coding II: Practitioner Training Healing Level