•Group & One-To-One •Introductory & Specialized •Online Courses & At Venues


Discovery-Oriented • Presentation-Style • Introductory or Specialized • 6-hour Courses

Overview and analysis concentrating on particularly interesting or controversial subjects. These presentations offer you the opportunity for the discovery of new subjects or for delving into specialized aspects of enigmatic and not well known or understood topics that you are already following. The introductory courses serve you as a window into one or a few interrelated subjects that you can later study in a full-length workshop once you have reassured yourself that the subject is appealing to you.

The Seminars are Ideal for you:

  • if you don’t have availability for a full-length workshop yet and would like to learn something interesting or valuable in just one day
  • if you enjoy listening to lectures without the need to participate in any interactive activities at the same time
  • (introductory seminars) if you are unfamiliar with the topic and wish to get a gist of the subject before you venture to join a related full-length workshop where you can not only go deeper into the information on the matter but also interactively learn practical skills derived from it
  • (specialized seminars) if you have followed the subject before and wish to discover new surprising aspects to expand your understanding

The Keys to the True Alchemical Elements:
Mayan Calendar, Tarot, DNA, Light& Sacred
Geometry; Challenging the official versions
of Alchemy, 5 Elements & Platonic Solids

The One Diversified Heart – HunAab’K’u:
The Giver of Movement & Measure
The Mayan Cosmovision on Oneness,
Polarity, Duality & Universal Dualism

The Sacred Feminine & Masculine
Co-Creating Heaven & Earth:
The Primordial Opposites
Weaving Reality in the Dance of Life

The Genius of Mayan Math & Numerology:
The Unity of Science & Spirituality in the
Mathematical Vigesimal System: Time since
Creation & Evolution through Dimensions

Secrets of the Mayan Sacred Time-Space:
The Mayan Calendar & Cosmovision on
Time-Space-Vibration Spiral of Creation,
Cosmic-Telluric Energies and Dimensions

The Mayan Tree of Life:
The Genetic Design of Your Blueprint
with the Cosmic & Telluric Energies
based on the Mayan Calendar


COURSES & RETREATS: Since the pandemic, all on-site Courses at the collaborating Holistic & Spiritual Centres worldwide as well as our Retreats in Mexico, Guatemala, Bali (Indonesia) and Spain continue suspended until further notice in favour of Live Online Courses.

ONLINE COURSES: To compensate for the on-site Workshops and Retreats suspension, now you can book all Courses and Practitioner Training in a group or one-to-one class on Google Meet, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.


(1) Group Courses:

  • (a) Select 1 Course or (b) Combine a few Courses in one Combo Registration (to benefit from The Combo Promotion offering Free Rewards) – respecting the deadline choose one “Courses Combo Registration by … (deadline)” Product that you can find on:
  • Follow the registration instructions redirecting you through a link to the website and make the registration fee payment for your selected Course or Courses Combo as a “Donation” contributing to Nigma’s Fundraiser Campain. You will receive your Courses as “Perks for Donations”, and your donation amount must be equivalent to the registration fee of your selected Courses as quoted on the Pleiadian Alchemy’s website. If you do not wish to make your registration payment through the Fundraiser Campain, kindly contact Nigma for alternative payment instructions.
  • Make a screenshot of your payment as proof of your name and date record
  • Send a message by WhatsApp or Telegram (+52 999 640 3414 Mexico or +34 653 218 000 Spain) or by email (Pleiadian Alchemy @ with a copy to contact @ Pleiadian to: (1) notify your registration stating your Courses selection, (2) state your Group choice for each selected Course (Sat or Sun – check the schedule options suiting you availability and time zone), (3) provide the date and proof of payment by attaching the screenshot, and (4) state your full name, your email address, your cellphone for communication and inclusion in a WhatsApp or Telegram Group for the Courses Participants (confirm your consent)
  • In reply, you will receive a confirmation and will be included you on the Participants list for future notifications and reception of the link for the Google Meet Video Class.

(2) One-To-One Courses:

  • All Courses must be scheduled in advance.
  • To book and schedule a Workshop, Seminar or a Practitioner Training, contact Nigma directly by text message on WhatsApp or Telegram (+52 999 640 3414 Mexico or +34 653 218 000 Spain) or by email (contact @ Pleiadian with a copy to Pleiadian Alchemy @ for reassurance).
  • Specify the Course or the subject of Practitioner Training that you are interested in for planning.