Higher Guidance

Private Sessions with Nigma

Higher Guidance

An ideal Session to initiate your self-discovery, transformation and healing journey, Higher Guidance allows you to gain deep insight into any personal or business matter concerning your past, present or future in order to find answers to crucial questions, become aware of the connections between events, and realize what aspects of yourself and your life you need to work on to achieve positive changes. Choose this Session if you are seeking forecast or guidance on any important aspect of your life, work, health or relationships – whenever you feel at a loss, in doubt or in need of clarity, broader vision, deeper understanding, wisdom and discernment to make important decisions and choices.


Higher Guidance offers you valuable realizations, advice or warnings, while focusing on empowering you to make best decisions, choices and changes through an in-depth analysis with clarity and transformational tips for deeper understanding of your circumstances, their origins, potential and upcoming results based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. It helps you to find ideal approach, strategies and solutions to any challenges and problems you are facing, or to become aware of outstanding opportunities you encounter and how to act in order to take a good advantage of them.


This is a valuable Sessions for you if you are:

  • trying to get a bigger picture and understanding of your current circumstances or any situation that you are involved in
  • hoping to hear valuable insights and advice to understand and face the current events or the upcoming ones
  • struggling with challenges in any aspect of life, work or relationships
  • in need of information, insight and understanding to enable you to make a crucial choice
  • feeling unable to make an important decision fearing that you lack ability or insight
  • looking for a solution to a problem
  • facing a crisis in one or more areas of your life
  • dealing with a health issue
  • hoping to find resources for a positive change in any aspect of your life
  • feeling stuck in the same issues or negative patterns repeating themselves all over again in your personal or business matters
  • sensing to be caught in a vicious circle of self-limiting and self-sabotaging patterns
  • looking for ways to let go of those self-limiting and self-sabotaging patterns, mental-emotional programs, beliefs, attitudes, behavior and habits
  • looking for guidance while trying to grow and evolve as a human being, expand you awareness, learn more responsibility, self-reliance and discernment for a positive life experience and balanced living
  • needing to strengthen your personal power and develop more empowerment in all life areas


  • In Higher Guidance Session, also called a Psychic Reading, we access information far beyond our conscious level, reason and logic, using the emotional guidance system called intuition. Going beyond the intellect, making the use of the intuition and the unconscious, we get a larger perspective on your life affairs based on the interconnection of it all and the Law of the Cause and Effect.
  • If you are a spiritual person, we will work with The Great Spirit and your Higher Guides.
  • Through the use of diverse esoteric tools such as the Tarot, Oracle, Sacred Runes, and Pendulum Dowsing, we connect to the Universal Consciousness and the Collective Memory, where everything is interconnected and known. Therefore, we access the data that is crucial and valuable for you right now to receive answers to important questions, insights, warnings and advice on any personal or business matter, situation or relationship.
  • From the vision of the future events, with their latent positive and negative potential, we get a forecast of the upcoming changes and the assessment of the best course of action, discerning the safe from the risky, or the beneficial from the detrimental one. If we detect any blockages, problems or obstacles on your way, we also get the clues to understand where they stem from, in order to find effective solutions and restore balance.
  • In this interactive Session you get to know yourself on a much deeper level, uncover how all events -past, present and future- are interconnected, and understand how your past decisions, choices and actions impact your present circumstances, teaching you to make and take new better decisions, choices and actions in the future.