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PDH – Research & Self-Discovery

Foundation Session and Prerequisite for All Other PDH Formats, Pleiadian DNA Alchemy and Energy Coding

(Research  Service + One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

In this foundation Pleiadian Download Healing Session, based on your sharing, our research and the Higher Guidance, we focus on fact-finding, profiling, assessment of your transformational and healing needs, and the creation of your Healing Plan, detailing how your issues, imbalances or ailments need to be dealt with for best results.

We work on an outline of your identity, trajectory and experiences, the review of your emotional-mental state and your physical health condition, as well as the detection of the existing blockages, imbalances and issues in any area of your life and health. This phase allows, in the following Sessions, to interconnect the data and to trace your detected issues back to their vibrational, emotional, genetic, environmental or karmic root causes for a gradual effective healing instead of just palliating the symptoms.

The results of the research become a great source of self-discovery for you as well as an initiation of your transformational and healing processes. While you rest or sleep, you yourself also receive guidance through dreams, insights and visions. The Session helps you to understand how you function, advances some of the foundation origins of your existing life and health issues, and the methods for their resolution and healing. It includes a deep research into your present and past lives conditioning contributing to problems in your life, relationships or in your subtle and physical bodies.

This Session includes:

  • Profiling
  • Comprehensive research of your health condition and emotional state
  • Assessment of your transformational and healing needs
  • Diagnosis of the foundation origins of blockages, imbalances, disorders or pains
  • Shamanic Higher Guidance through memories, associations, visions, imagery and dreams
  • Your sharing of your story and issues you wish to work on
  • Healing Plan and guidance on the best choice of the next steps and methods for your transformational or healing process and resolving the issues blocking your balance, health, happiness, abundance and your Highest Potential

PDH – Restructuring & Balancing

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

This Session focuses on your multidimensional and vibrational restructuring and balancing that shifts your Body-Mind parameters throughout your Subtle and Physical Bodies. By its focus on unblocking and balancing your Chakras, Meridians and Aura, it also positively impacts the condition of your vital organs and systems based on the vibrational, mental, emotional and physical levels interconnection and interdependence within every living organism.

The healing becomes possible thanks to the holographic and multidimensional nature of the Universe or Multiverse (As Above So Below and As Within So Without). It allows all shifts ripple through your subtle and physical bodies, once originated on the vibrational level. From this perspective, the Pleiadian Download Healing also becomes a form of physical healing due to opening the door to the sustainable physical recovery by virtue of working on and clearing the vibrational, psychological and spiritual root causes of the physical imbalances and ailments.

Depending on your needs, this Healing Ceremony might also include energy harmonization with Healing Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Radiesthesia, Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy while you rest or sleep receiving the healing and guidance through dreams, insights and visions. The healing is achieved by High-Vibrational Pleiadian Downloads of Universal Energy performing supportive shifts within your Subtle and Physical Bodies.

This Session includes:

  • Vibrational cleansing, balancing and healing
  • Measuring and raising your frequency
  • Balancing your Energy Centres (Chakras), Channels (Meridians) and Field (Aura) while strengthening and enlarging its size
  • Tracing the origins of their imbalances and their interpretation
  • Balancing your Feminine and Masculine Energies
  • Balancing your Subtle and Physical Body systems and vital organs
  • Foundation Vibrational Clearing and Downloads
  • Basic Sacred Geometry Healing targeting the initial dissolution of blockages and kick-starting the healing process
  • Aromatherapy (in an In-Person Session)
  • Crystal Healing (direct or distant)
  • Healing Symbols application

PDH – Root Causes Tracing

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

The Root Causes Tracing Session focuses on addressing the detected imbalances, blockages and disorders in your health, life, relationships, self-expression, creativity and the nature of your manifestations by tracing them back to their vibrational emotional, mental or genetic root causes (including traumas, self-sabotage programs, self-limiting beliefs or detrimental personal or ancestral patterns), environmental factors or even to your karmic conditioning in your present and past lives.

It allows for a deeper exploration of a recurring issue or persisiting pattern that you wish to focus on. Working on the root causes is essential and crucial for an effective long-lasting healing instead of just palliating the symptoms. Once the root causes have been pinpointed, they can be appropriately and successfully addressed, and – in many cases – just becoming aware of their nature and discussing the reasons for their emergence, often leads to their dissolution and healing.

PDH – Vital System Healing

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

When imbalances, blockages or even illness have been detected to affect particularly one or two vibrational and physical systems and their related vital organs, they require special attention. It takes the Healee to a deeper level of clearing and releasing your vibrational, emotional and physical disharmonies not only from your vital organs and systems but first of all from your energy and consciousness where all balance or imbalance originates. It works on every level: the conscious and subconscious, vibrational and physical, individual and genetic, spiritual, mental and emotional, cleansing, balancing and healing your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.

We focus on the vibrational rebalancing and harmonization of your Subtle Bodies, including your Energy Centres (Chakras), Energy Channels (Meridians) and Energy Field (Aura). The wave of a ripple effect throughout all interconnected and interdependent levels of energy and matter gradually propels a chain reaction and the healing of your Physical Body. We can work on any of your vibrational and physical systems: Lymphatic, Immune, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Nervous, Endocrine, Muscular, Skeletal, Digestive, Excretory, Urinary, Reproductive or Integumentary.

We start on the sub-atomic level, where all the original disharmony initiates and registers first, all the way up to the tissue, organ and system levels. By applying the energy healing through Pleiadian Downloads, Radiesthesia, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry and Energy Coding, your vital organs and systems gradually return to the state of balance and harmony.

PDH – Clearing & Co-Creation

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

This PDH format focuses on clearing the disharmonic low-vibrational beliefs, thoughts, emotions and attitudes both from your conscious and unconscious levels. as well as replacing them by their high-vibrational counterparts.

Through the Shamanic Ceremonies and the “Opposites and Breath Meditation”, you learn the art of proactive moulding of your consciousness and propelling your own awareness shift with the assistance of The Great Spirit and your Higher Guides. While receiving the Clearing and Co-Creation Downloads, you work through your Dualities, first to release the detrimental vibrations self-limiting your evolution and destroying your health, and then to implement the supportive empowering vibrations setting off healing, renewal and recovery.

The effects of the Clearing, Deactivation and Release aspect of the Ceremonies can be specially empowered by the Full Moon phase, while the Co-Creation, Activation and Manifesting aspect – during the New Moon phase.

PDH – Guided Counselling

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

The main difference between the traditional Counselling consultations and Nigma’s format is that her sessions connect you to the broader Universal Consciousness perspective, being graced by the assistance and Guidance of the Higher-Dimensional Guides and Healers who download the information and the healing energies upon the Healee from the Higher Dimensions. Their Guidance connects you with the “bigger picture” and the Source Energy Field not only for your clarity, deep insight and understanding, but also the gradual recovery from the emotional and physical suffering, release and the reestablishment of balance and harmony within your system on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.


PDH – Healing the Relationship with Self

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

This format is designed to assist you in healing your primary relationship which all others stem from and depend on: your relationship with yourself. Many people are entirely unaware of the fact that the amount of self-love, self-acceptance, self-understanding, self-respect, self-reliance, self-support and self-nurturing they give or not give to themselves, directly determines the amount of all these values (love, acceptance, understanding, respect, reliance, support and nurturing) received in all their relationship they form with other human beings. The more you repair and improve your primary relationship with Self, the more you will enrich and heal all your relationships with others: your life partner, family members, friends and work colleagues.


PDH – Belief System Healing

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

This format is designed to assist you in healing through the analysis and restructuring of your belief system. Our whole existence, our health, state of mind, emotions, expectations and sense of fulfillment or satisfaction are all based on our belief system which we create as we grow, as a combination of own experiences and conclusions, and the inherited beliefs and opinions from our society, culture, religion, family, firends, teachers, etc. However, many of those are constrictive or even self-destructive, failing to support your health, balanced living, success in relationships and career, or your ability to create abundance for yourself and your loved ones. This session will help you detect and trace back the origins of the beliefs that are self-sabotaging, unhealthy or dangerous for you, and you will learn to assume a 100 % responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, decisions, choices and actions to gradually develop the sense of empowerment in diverse aspects of life.


PDH – Patterns Clearing

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

This format is designed to assist you in clearing all your recurring negative, de-constructive and destructive patterns of thought and behaviour, which you repeat consciously or unconsciously in your life, getting the same negative results but not managing to pinpoint why you fall into them all over again. The Guidance and the healing will help you trace them back to their origins, resolve and replace by new healthy and constructive patterns.


PDH – Self-Sabotage Clearing

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

This format is designed to assist you in clearing all your Self-Sabotage Programs, meaning all these thought and emotions programs or behaviours that go against your best interests both in terms of immediate benefit and your highest good. It can be successfully dealt with whether you suffer from denial, self-limitation, self-punishment, self-neglect, self-degrading, self-loathing, self-destruction, excess, addictions, distraction, procrastination, etc. It will bring to the surface for clearing and healing all the mechanisms that block you from leading a healthy and balanced life style.


PDH – Entities Clearing

(One 4h Session)

This format is designed to assist you in clearing any X-Factors in form of Non-3rd-Dimensional Attachments and Earthbound Souls as well as in healing from their eroding consequences on your health on the physical, psychological, vibrational and genetic levels. The presence of so-called entities, spirits, ghosts or discarnates is a much more common phenomenon than most people ever imagine. It is not appropriate to associate any “demonic” connotations to them, and they are in need of our compassion an assistance. They are simply souls of the deceased who have not managed to find the Light and cross over back to the Source to heal and prepare for the next incarnation. The reasons for staying earth-bound may include traumatic experiences and suffering that led to their death, or a life filled with overwhelming low-vibrational emotions impeding crossing over after death. They either stay around a living human being or even enter a person’s aura in search of shelter, energy and physical experiences, living off our life force. Having entities creates blockages in the living host’s lymphatic system decreasing your ability to cleanse from the toxins not only on the physical level but also on the vibrational level, which includes all sort of low-vibrational negative thoughts and emotions. The host might experience e.g. fear, anger, guilt, unhappiness, despair, etc. that might actually originate in the “guest”, but the Earthbound Souls are attracted to “hosts” by resonating with  their low-vibrations they themselves create. This factor multiplies your own low vibrations in your energy and psychological condition, leading to detrimental effects on your health relationships, activities, career and other aspects of life. It is not only a necessary to cleanse and heal to safeguard your own health, but it is also an act of compassion for the Earthbound Souls to offer them healing, clearing from the host’s aura and, finally, crossing over, to give them a chance for a new beginning.


PDH – Space Cleansing

(One 4h Session)

This format is designed to assist you in clearing all X-Factors including Non-3rd-Dimensional presences from the space we live or work in, in order to heal from or prevent negative consequenses on the inhabitants’ health on the vibrational, physical and psychological levels. The presence of so called entities, spirits, ghosts or discarnates in spaces is a much more common phenomenon than most people imagine. If you experience discomfort and heaviness in energy of a place or if you are aware of negative vibrations within it, contact Nigma for diagnosis and solution. It is not only a necessary cleansing for the space inhabitants’ health and safety’s sake, but also an act of compassion for the Earth-bound Soul to heal them, clear from the space and, finally, cross over, giving them a chance for a new beginning.

PDH – Origins & Stellar Family

(One 4h Session or Two 2h Sessions)

The Pleiadian Download Healing: Origins & Stellar Family is a self-discovery journey reaching much further back in time than other Sessions. On the one hand, it deepens your self- knowledge by your comprehensive multi-dimensional profiling to raise your level of self-awareness, interconnection and self-acceptance. On the other hand, it delves into the exploration of your Soul’s origins and trajectory, as well as of the experiences in your past lives having an important influence on your current incarnation and life evolution through imprints and karmic connections. It may also uncover any existing genetic inheritance and conditioning so you can understand better your lineage stories and your own role in it. In this process you discover your Stellar and Earthly Guides who support, protect and guide you in the co-creation of new level of consciousness through new experiences in your current earthly incarnation. Their discovery and messages will help you to remember your divine origins and access your Inner Light.

This Session contains:

  1. Tracing your Soul’s origins to the Constellation and the Star
  2. Tracing your Soul Group
  3. Uncovering the identity and teachings of your Stellar Guides
  4. Uncovering the identity and teachings of your Earthly Guides
  5. Shamanic Ceremony of Higher Guidance through memories, associations, visions, imagery & dreams



• The Foundation Self-Discovery Sessions to Initiate All Transformational, Healing & Manifestation Processes •
• Vibrational Restructuring & Healing • Multi-Level Impact • Holistic, Intuitive & Shamanic Approach

The Pleiadian Download is a form of Vibrational, Holistic, Intuitive and Shamanic Healing that shifts your awareness, wellbeing and health condition, by taking you on a self-discovery journey and by performing intense vibrational restructuring, balancing and cleansing from the quantum to the physical levels by means of the Higher-Dimensional assistance and the Pleiadian Downloads.

Assisted by the powerful 5th-Dimensional Pleiadian intervention, the Pleiadian Download is not only an intense form of vibrational healing but also a deep research into your present and past lives stories and issues. It is the ultimate self-discovery journey targeting your holistic balance through the awareness shift aided by mapping out your psyche in order to bring valuable information from your subconscious to the conscious level (who you are, how you function, what drives you, what restricts you, and what you need to be in balance, self-fulfilled and aligned with your Higher Purpose). This deeper level of self-knowledge and self-understanding will benefit and empower your in your daily decisions, activities and their results, inspiring the adjustment of your choices and reactions, thus yielding the improvement of your health, inner harmony, relationships and life experience. The PDH pays special attention to uncovering and clearing not only the external and environmental negative influences but particularly those self-created: the limiting or destructive patterns of thought, emotion, attitude, beliefs and behaviour, including self-sabotage programs. It is in these aspects that you bear your own responsibility for your life and health limitations and detriment where you have the greatest power to make changes and a significant shift towards liberation and recovery.

Session Options:

Remember that your evolution and healing depend on the degree of your proactivity, dedication and commitment. A Series of Healings creates the right conditions to bring about more effective and long-lasting results than a one-off Session.


• One 4h Session (or split into Two 2h Sessions, except for the case of the Entity Clearing and the Space Cleansing Sessions)


• A Series of Five 4h PDH Sessions of your choice or following the recommendations
1 FREE OF CHARGE BONUS: One 4h Preparatory Session & Research Service of the ‘Pleiadian Download Healing – Research & Self-Discovery’ for the detection of imbalances and issues, as well as the assessment of your actual transformational and healing needs, laying the foundation for a more comprehensive and well planned healing program
• A PDF with the crucial information and notes resulting from your Sessions


Contact Nigma directly by text message on WhatsApp or Telegram (+52 999 640 3414 Mexico or +34 653 218 000 Spain) or by email (contact @ Pleiadian with a copy to Pleiadian Alchemy @ for reassurance).