by Nigma / Pleiadian Alchemy

Excerpts from “A Thousand And One Leavings” – Music Album by Nigma

Music & Lyrics: Nigma (Ma Roman)
Voices, Instrumental Performance & Arrangements: Nigma & Wieslaw Wolnik

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A 1001 Leavings (Music Album) by Nigma


A 10-Track Album

Music & Lyrics: Nigma (Ma Roman)
Voice & Instrumental Performance: Nigma (Ma Roman) & Wieslaw Wolnik
Arrangements: Nigma (Ma Roman) & Wieslaw Wolnik

  • Zipped file, 120 MB
  • 10 high-quality MP3 files
  • 52 minutes of music
  • Music excerpts: LISTEN

“A Thousand And One Leavings”

10-Track Music Album by Nigma

Enjoy the ten themes inspired by a large array of ancient vibes as well as the ‘World’ and ‘Ethnic’ music, folklore and cultural influences, such as Celtic, Scandinavian, Indian, Arabian, African, Asian and Native American.

Use this sequence of songs as a companion on your path of past life conditioning release and healing. “A 1001 Leavings” album can become your journey of remembrance of emotions and events from your Past Lives by sound and resonance. The challenging or painful situations that you hadn’t managed to deal with and release before traveling to the next lifetime created Soul imprints and burdening conditioning. The negative emotions were stored, imprinted and carried over because you did not manage or dare to express your feelings and beliefs at the time. The impact of those experiences affected you deep within. Listen and flow with the music and lyrics, while allowing yourself to experience the previously repressed or imprinted emotions. They can help you express ‘The Unsaid’ and take your ‘Shadow’ out for a walk to process and finally let go of the accumulated emotional baggage.