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The Pentaflower & The Flower Of Life Sacred Geometries

Pleiadian Alchemy Pentaflower

The Pentaflower:
The Sacred Feminine Geometry
Creativity, Flow & Distribution

The Flower Of Life

The Flower of Life:
The Sacred Masculine Geometry
Structure, Order & Accumulation

The Pentaflower Symbology

The Pleiadian Alchemy’s Pentaflower logo represents the Sacred Geometry pattern defining how Nature and The Fabric of Reality develop their Sacred Feminine energy aspects. Its main characteristics are creativity, flow and distribution. The Flower of Life, in turn, represents the Sacred Geometry pattern of The Sacred Masculine energy and its aspects of structure, order, stability and resulting accumulation.

By choosing the Pentaflower logo, the Pleiadian Alchemy supports the shift from the confrontational to the mutually complementary and enriching co-existance between both Sacred Essences and all concepts, creatures and things that originated from them. In a world today mostly dominated by the masculine principle in the rule, education and values, the Pleiadian Alchemy’s emphasis on the Pentaflower Sacred Geometry is intended as the support for the Sacred Feminine energies return and their integration both in women and men alike. The Pleiadian Alchemy promotes the use and the appreciation of the Right Brain abilities, intuition, the unconscious, self-reflection, spirituality, creativity and art, as well as the attitudes of gratitude, receptivity, inclusiveness and sharing, so necessary for the recovery of our wholeness and the balance between both Sacred Essences in our world, in our brains, bodies, lives, relationships and values.

The Pentaflower Powers and Effects

  • Improving and harmonizing your Right Brain abilities such as creativity, spontaneity, improvisation, flexibility, flow, form-giving, perception of symbols and figures (as in ‘images’ and ‘shapes’), imagination, fantasy, abstract and conceptual thinking, sensitivity to aesthetic harmony, artistic skills, variety, variation, irregularity, philosophy, literature, synthesis, perception of the whole, the general, holistic and big picture vision;
  • Enhancing and balancing your Sacred Feminine Energy and its features such as intuition, emotional guidance system, inner knowing, psychic abilities, spirituality, inspiration, idealism, emotions, feelings, empathy and the passive principle meaning receptivity and the capacity for listening, allowing, acceptance, inclusiveness and sharing;
  • Promoting a stronger and clearer connection with your Unconscious, your Higher Self, your Higher-Dimensional Guides and The Great Spirit;
  • Favouring your heart-based decisions and the focus on experiencing life through your heart values;



Learn diverse aspects of Sacred Geometry in:

(1) The Keys to the True Alchemical Elements: The Mayan Calendar, The Tarot, DNA, Light & Sacred Geomtry Seminar – discoveries that challenge the official version of Alchemy regarding the Platonic Solids, the Five Alchemical Elements and our misconceptions about the link between them. This Seminar will help you to correct and improve the way you use Sacred Geometry and the Five Alchemical Elements in your healing and transformational practice for better results.

(2) The Series of Energy Coding Workshops – on the powerful transformational, healing and manifestation techniques of encoding your Subtle Bodies with Geometry and Light where you will develop practical skills in handling the esoteric tools passed down by the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science and the Mesoamerican Shamanic Traditions addressing a variety of goals:

  • YOUR TRANSFORMATION & PATTERN SHIFT, personal growth and multidimensional expansion through the Transformational Codes for (a) encoding your personal energy (Chakras and Aura) for pattern shift, and (b) harmonizing the energy of your personal living and working environment, spaces, objects, electronic devices, work and creation tools to suport your transformational needs and goals (Energy Coding I: Transformation Workshop)
  • YOUR MULTDIMENSIONAL HEALING, balancing, harmonization and root causes tracing through the Healing Codes targeting the origins of any imbalances, blockages, disorders, ailments and diseases on vibrational, genetic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels (Energy Coding II: Healing, Self-Healing & Planetary Healing Workshop)
  • THE PLANETARY HEALING through both your self-healing and the Palnetary Healing Codes balancing the Earth energies, shifting the human consciousness and guiding the resolution of the world’s environmental and social issues afflicting our Planet (Energy Coding II: Healing, Self-Healing & Planetary Healing Workshop)
  • THE MANIFESTATION of your goals, projects and dreams  through the Manifestation Codes for guiding your manifestation conceptualization, efforts and processes (Energy Coding III: Manifestation Workshop)