Resources & Sources

The Legacy of Shamans, Mystery Schools & Temple Science


In the Pleiadian Alchemy Workshops and Private Sessions you have the opportunity to experience and learn many powerful resources for personal transformation, developing your highest potential, awareness shift, healing, and the manifestation of goals. Nigma uses a variety of effective tools that come from different sources and traditions, and therefore may carry a variety of labels: esoteric, occult, intuitive, spiritual, shamanic, holistic, psychological and scientific. Some are ancient and even millenary, while others are contemporary. Some originate from the Mesoamerican Shamanic tradition (Mayan, Toltec, Aztec and Olmec), others from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science, and all are linked to their Pleiadian and Sirian sources.


DNA Reprogramming & Transmutations

Your Blueprint reprogramming for its positive read out, optimum self-expression and best life experience by means of transmuting all your mental, emotional and physical aspects in a two-fold process: (a) deactivation of the detrimental factors existing in your genetic lineage pool (both hereditary or self-created with your beliefs, attitudes, choices and actions) as well as (b) activation of beneficial and supportive factors absent in your genetic pool or the scope of your consciousness. Our main format of genetic healing is the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy, however elements of the advanced Energy Coding as well as the Pleiadian Download Healing may offer an important complementary support in the process through an additional vibrational coding and restructuring.

Energy Coding

Supportive encoding of your environmental or personal energies and consciousness for pattern shift and evolution to your highest good and highest potential. It guides creating balance, harmony, light, health, abundance of resources, enhanced self-expression, and the manifestation of goals, through the use of skillful Coding with the Cosmic and Telluric Energies or the combination of Sacred Geometry and Light Frequencies to jointly unleash their special powers [See: Energy Coding]: (a) Connectivity Code for restoring and aligning your ‘Outer You” with the 7 Sacred Directions, the Elements, The Heart of Sky & Source, the Heart of Earth, your Soul & Higher-Self; (b) Chakra Codes for pattern shift through coding your “Inner You”, your Chakra System and Aura; (c) Harmonizing Codes for harmonizing the energy of your living and working spaces as well as your frequently used objects with your personal energy to support your balance and achievement of your goals; [See: the Energy Coding I: Transformation workshop on coding for transformational purposes] (d) Energy Synchronizer & Coordinator for harmonizing all your coding devices; (e) Healing Codes for vibrational and psychological restructuring as well as healing of blockages, imbalances and diseases on vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vitality and physical levels [See: the Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing and the Pleiadian Download Healing workshops] (f) Manifestation Codes for manifesting your goals and dreams to your highest good [See: the Energy Coding III: Manifestation workshop]

Sacred Geometry

Restructuring, transforming and healing with a variety of Sacred Geometry formulas including the Universal 2D & 3D Geometry, Energy Coding, Light Healing, and Crop Circles. Sacred Geometry is essential in balancing and harmonizing of the energy and consciousness of all living organisms as the underlying universal pattern system of Sacred Proportions, Shapes as well as the Mathematical and Geometric Constants woven into the very fabric of Reality, Nature and the Universe. It is present in All Creation, its birth and all its evolution stages on all levels from vibrational to physical, ruling growth and balance in all its vibrational and physical manifestations. Sacred Geometry use and teaching are an integral part of our program of Energy Coding and the Pleiadian Download Healing Sessions and Workshops.

Pleiadian Downloads

Vibrational restructuring, balancing, harmonizing and healing with the 5th-Dimensional High-Vibrational downloads facilitated by our generous Pleiadian Guides, our Stellar Ancestors, Brothers and Sisters, who support and guide mankind’s transformation and consciousness shift on all levels of human condition. They positively impact your psyche, attitudes, health, and the nature of your manifestations, including the vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, genetic and karmic aspects. They also support your reconnection to Source, the Pleiades and your original Stellar Home. [See: The Pleiadian Download Healing Private Sessions and the Pleiadian Download Healing Workshop pages]

Crystal Healing

Balancing, harmonizing, healing and empowering with healing crystals is an invaluable complementary tool for amplification of any healing process or projecting it at a distance. Crystals can be used for direct application on the Chakras (personal Energy Centres), and Crystal Grids creation for space cleansing, empowering your manifestation efforts or Distant Healing. The indication of the need to use specific Crystals will also disclose additional guidance regarding your current condition and possible imbalances on vibrational, mental, emotional or physical levels. [To learn how to use Crystals, you can register for Workshops: Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self-Healing (creation of crystal grids as support in healing, self-healing or environmental cleansing and shift), the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy (support in genetic healing), and the Pleiadian Download Healing (support in vibrational and psychological restructuring, transformation and multidimensional multi-level healing of large range of imbalances and ailments)].


Balancing, harmonizing, healing and empowering with essential oils using The Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy blends based on the unique Pleiadian formulas and special rituals for their application. The Pleiadian Download Healing Session and Workshops may involve, whenever needed, the application of aromatherapy in multi-dimensional multi-level multi-purpose healing of a wide range of imbalances and ailments. (For more information on the Pleiadian Alchemy Aromatherapy, see our Aromatherapy page containing the application of Pleiadian formulas in healing, self-healing, cleansing and detox processes as well as clearing and cleansing of spaces.)

Mayan Calendar & Astrology

Disclosure of your Sacred Agreement (also called your Soul Contract). This self-discovery, transformational and healing process includes guidance and interpretation of the secrets of your genetic configuration by the Cosmic and Telluric Energies ruling at the moment of your Conception and Birth as safeguarded in the Mayan Astrology and Numerology based on the Mesoamerican Caledrical System. This esoteric millenary system, passed down by the Mayan Time Keepers, Spiritual Guides and Shamans, is composed of interconnected multiple cycles of time (Earthly, Lunar, Solar, Pleiadian and Galactic) weaving the Fabric of Reality. Using the Sacred Master Calendar, the Cholq’iij / the Tzolkiin, the spiritual, ceremonial, ritual, lunar calendar, we will decode your genetic set up, your Quintessence and your Higher Purpose, your Origins and Destiny Path, your Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies ruling your Right and Left Brains as well as your Inner and Outer Worlds, and your will discover your strengths, weaknesses and your polarities to grow through. [See: The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Sessions and the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop pages]


Disclosure of your Sacred Agreement (also called your Soul Contract) based on the millenary Numerological systems: Assyro-Babylonian and Mayan. The Mayan Numerology is intrinsically linked to the Mayan Astrology and both based on the Mesoamerican Caledrical System. Through a especially focus on the Sacred Master Calendar, the Cholq’iij / the Tzolkiin, the spiritual, ceremonial, ritual, lunar calendar, we will unravel your genetic set up by the Cosmic and Telluric Energies ruling on the days you were conceived and born. It is an invaluable tool used by the Mayan Time Keepers, Spiritual Guides and Shamans to help you realize you Quintessence, Higher Purpose, Destiny, spiritual challenges and lessons your Soul needs to face and learn from. [See: The Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Sessions and the Soul Contract & Mayan Astrology Workshop pages]

Accessing Guidance

Guidance regarding any aspect of your life, relationships, work, business and health, including valuable insights, advice, warnings, and answers to important questions in Sessions of Higher Guidance sourcing from a variety of formulas and tools for a more complete and reliable information. Those resources include Intuition, Channelling, The Tarot and Oracle Cards, The Sacred Runes, Muscle Testing, Radiesthesia and Pendulum Dowsing.
In Workshops, the focus is on developing your intuitive and psychic abilities as well as your sense of connection to your Inner Guidance and Higher Guidance. Connecting on a regular basis to Higher Power and the Universal Mind is as important as connecting to your own Higher Self and The Unconscious part of your mind in order to receive guidance on important matters or know the truth and the answers to crucial questions. The Intuition, The Unconscious & Radiesthesia is the Foundation Course and a prerequisite for all Pleiadian Alchemy Transformation, Healing, Manifestation and Accessing Guidance workshops such as: Energy Coding, Pleiadian DNA Alchemy, Pleiadian Download Healing, and The Tarot: Wisdom, Guidance & Healing]

The Tarot

The Tarot is one of many valuable forms of Accessing Guidance on all aspects of your life, work, relationships, health, abundance, personal growth and transformation. Discover which aspects you need to attend to the most at this moment of your life, and the connections between the recurring issues. Receive warnings on the upcoming opportunities and challenges, and forecasts of the potential events, outcomes and changes in your life. For a more complete vision and insights, Nigma combines a few decks of The Tarot and the Oracle Cards with Pendulum Dowsing and Channelling. [See also: Higher Guidance Sessions and The Tarot: Wisdom, Guidance & Healing Workshop pages]

The Sacred Runes

The Sacred Runes are an ancient script and Oracle preserved and cultivated still today in the Norse Shamanic culture. They convey a set of Archetypes, the fundamental universal concepts that describe human psyche and evolution, as well as life experiences and challenges. They can act as either Receivers or Emitters and in both roles they become a powerful transformational tool. As Receptors, the Sacred Runes capture the energy and configuration of your psyche and current circumstances and, in a Casting and Reading Session, transmit forecast and guidance regarding any aspect of your life. As Emitters, the Runes and Bindrunes have the ability to shape your Energy, Consciousness and Reality, just like any other geometrical forms in 2D or 3D, so thanks to a Runic Amulet Design you can resort to their powers for a variety of functions and needs, from protection, healing or empowerment to creativity, abundance and manifestation. [See also: Higher Guidance Sessions and The Sacred Runes pages]


Mayan Shamanic Tradition, Cosmovision, Pyramids, Temples, Inscriptions, Codices and Sacred Books

Our primary source of teachings is the Mesoamerican cosmovision (Mayan, Aztec, Toltec and Olmec) and its Wisdom Keepers, the Calendrical System, Astronomy and Astrology, as well as their surviving Codices, Sacred Books and literature from the territory of Mexico and Guatemala. This invaluable wealth of wisdom and knowledge, with values that the world truly needs today, has been passed down through lineages of ancient and modern Time Keepers, Priest, Shamans and Curanderos (traditional Healers), who hardly managed to safeguard and rescue their heritage from the Spanish conquest, religious persecution and destruction of their culture, language, and written legacy. Our focus is specially on the Mayan tradition.

Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science, Pyramids, and Hieroglyphic Inscriptions

Our second most important source comes from the Ancient Egyptian lineages of Isis Priestesses and Priest, Wisdom Keepers, teachers and writers, whose vast wisdom, knowledge and skills in Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Astrology, Dowsing, Crystals, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, the power of the sound and music, as well as the spiritual technologies, such as energy handling, transmitting and emitting, detrimental and beneficial earth grid lines and power spots detecting, inspired many cultures and outstanding individuals, including the Greek classic philosophers and mathematicians: Pythagoras, Plato and Archimedes, and the French Jesuits who spread it through Europe.