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Energy Coding I: Transformation LEVELS 1 & 2 (4 & 4 days)
Energy Coding II: Healing, Self-Healing & Planetary Healing LEVELS 1 & 2 (4 & 4 days)
Energy Coding III: Manifestation LEVELS 1 & 2 (4 & 4 days)

Transformation Level: 6 days
Healing Level: 6 days
Manifestation Level: 6 days



“In this world of duality, our life constantly shifts between the logical left brain and the creative right brain. In fact, the very structure of the brain keeps us in duality. We cannot transcend our own brain but we can re-condition it to act as one. And the best tool for realizing this purpose is Sacred Geometry.”

Chitra Jha

Energy Coding is a vibrational healing, transformation and manifestation system used by the Mesoamerican Shamans and Curanderos (Traditional Healers). Its roots reach back in time to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, safeguarding the ancient wisdom of Mystery Schools and Temple Science training their High Priesthood in the esoteric skills of the Multidimensional Human Expansion.

A blend of Quantum Physics and High Magic, these remarkable sacred teachings on how to reshape and rearrange energy and matter with  the  vibration and consciousness encoding techniques for healing, manifestation and transformation to the highest potential will empower you to co-create a new more desirable reality defining yourself and your life. By rewriting the existing state of matters and activating the designed new one in the Higher Planes while reprogramming your Chakra System and Aura, you will start shifting patterns and gradually change from who you are to who you choose to be, altering your multiple levels of perception and self-expression with their corresponding multiple areas of life, since -by the Principle of Frequency Resonance- the Lower Planes will follow adjusting to what has been programmed in the Higher Planes.

Sacred Geometry Energy Coding is one of the most powerful and effective esoteric tools for producing vibration and pattern shifts in our self-expression, attitude, psychological condition, behaviour, abilities and performance in all areas of life including our creativity, relationships, career, abundance and health, at the same time changing the nature of the manifestations that we draw back to ourselves by virtue of vibrational resonance with similar or equal frequencies. It embraces an ample array of techniques, varying in their complexity, for personal transformation, shifting patterns, self-sabotage programs clearing, and developing your highest potential; for vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital, physical, genetic, karmic, environmental and planetary healing; as well as for manifestation of goals and dreams.


The Energy Coding system comes from the Shamans and Curanderos (Traditional Healers) of El Mayab (the Mayaland in Central America) and its techniques reach far back to the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and Temple Science. It is characterized by surrendering to the Higher  Guidance through intuition for encoding the Chakra System and designing the path of transformation, healing and goal manifestation with Geometrical Shapes and Light Frequencies. You learn to connect to the Universal Higher Consciousness for valuable insights and understanding of your own or other Healees’ existing imbalances and transformational needs so that the choices are not made from the ego or the mental-intellectual perception of the person you are coding for. Instead, you surrender to the Great Spirit and the Higher-Dimensional Guidance so you can work with them in a team, and so they can guide you from the objective and higher-dimensional perspective for ideal coding configuration and best results in pattern shift, evolution to highest good, healing and manifestation. The golden rule is: “You get what you need, not what you want”.

It involves pairing Geometrical Shapes and Light Frequencies via colour attributes, since Light is the ultimate carrier of information throughout space and time. Both geometrical shapes and light frequencies have transformational, healing and manifestation powers which activate and amplify when combined. To produce shifts, healing and manifestations, we need to work with, not against, the Universal Laws that our world, the physical Third Dimension and the Higher Dimensions, is based on. This involves not only knowing and understanding but also applying the Law of Free Will and the physical Principle of the Frequency Resonance, or the Law of Attraction, to begin with.

Once the Energy Coding is designed and activated, it leads you through a path of experiences, lessons, insights, gradual transformation, inspired evolutionary processes, patterns shifts, healing and achievements of goals. Therefore, the process of changing the world starts with changing yourself, just as changing the manifestations in your Outer World must start with changing your Inner World of thought, emotion, belief, attitude, drive, choices, decisions, the intent your hold and the action you take. The process of reshaping yourself and your life needs to start with encoding your Inner and Outer Energies (Chakras – your Energy Centres, your Aura – your Energy Field, as well as your connectivity network to Source, Galactic Centre, Mother Earth, and Higher Self), before proceeding to more complex and challenging processes of transforming your environment (your belongings and objects, your living and working spaces, your community and country, the Planet), your body, relationships, career and life.

The study covers the skills in creating the Energy Codes for a wide range of purposes, beings and environments to initiate and advance your Multidimensional Human Expansion to your Highest Potential. You learn to code for humans, your pets and plants, frequently used objects (belongings, clothes, jewellery, amulets, vehicles, electronic devices, wallet, your pendulum, and anything else you want to make sure that is supports your harmony, evolution and goals) and your living and working spaces, in addition to designing the shifts on a planetary scale. The workshop initiates you into the secrets of Energy Coding starting from the Projection of a single shape or colour frequency to the Formation of enormous complex structures of hundreds of coloured geometries, without forgetting that the simplest resources are sometimes the most crucial. You will learn the value of using and updating your most elemental codes of 7 shape and colour combinations for yourself and your environment so you can shift patterns by reprogramming the 7-, 12- and 13-Chakra System, and with it your multiple levels of self-expression and the corresponding multiple areas of life.

The Stages of Initiation:

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The Energy Coding I: Transformation Workshop teaches you the tools for self-exploration and the coding techniques for diverse aspects of personal transformation and pattern shift, which all healing and manifestation processes need to be accompanied by and based on, in the first place, while fomenting evolutionary processes of your personal and spiritual growth throughout your life. Therefore, Stage I is an essential foundation for any further study of Energy Coding for healing and manifestation of goals, since you can only heal and shift the nature of your manifestations if you transform your Inner World: its vibrational structure as well as your patterns of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, your decisions and choices paradigm, translating into your behaviour. In this first Stage of Initiation, you learn the Holistic, Intuitive and Shamanic techniques for the consciousness transformation, and the pattern shift (shifting self-limiting and self-destructive beliefs and patterns, self-sabotage programs and detrimental conditioning), for your personal growth and developing your highest potential. In Stage 1, the Transformational Energy Coding is performed on the Personal and Universal Consciousness Levels, in the Higher Dimension to shift the Lower Dimensions with the Sacred Geomtry and Light Coding, by means of the Formation of the basic 7-Shaped Codes (for the basic 7-Chakra System, the Vibrational Codes, and Root Causes Codes), the 49-Shaped Codes (for Transformational Goals , Pattern Shift of your Higher Self and Lower Self in spiritual and earthly matters as well as relationships), the Perpetuator Coding programmed with Coloured Geometries (for perpetuating the cleansing and evolutionary processes), and the Energy Coding Synchronizer (for initiating your Multidimensional Human Expansion while synchronizing all your Energy Coding devices).

See: The Energy Coding I: Transformation page.



The Energy Coding II: Planetary Healing & Self Healing Workshop covers a wide range of coding structures serving your multi-purpose, multi-dimensional and multi-level healing (vibrational, spiritual, mental, emotional, vital, physical, genetic, karmic, environmental and planetary), introducing you to the secrets of the mutually interdependent cycles and circles of the personal and the planetary energy systems. You learn to design personalized coding for individual cases and afflictions, and you are initiated into a large array of universal Healing Energy Codes for a long list of blockages, imbalances, disorders and diseases, so they can rearrange the Healees’ energy and matter, kick-start their self-healing programs, and guide them through their transformational, healing and recovery processes. This is a particularly suitable modality for Empaths and Lightworkers and anyone who feels the call to support Mother Earth with designing the paths for healing the environmental and social issues afflicting our Planet. In Stage II, the Healing Energy Coding is performed with multiple chains of 49-Shaped Codes for “asap” healing (Level 1) and the advanced 144-Shaped Codes for the “lifetime” healing or serious and chronic conditions (Level 2). You learn new Vibrational Codes, Root Causes Codes, and upgrade the Perpetuator Coding and the Energy Coding Synchronizer skills by enlarging your toolkit with the advanced Geometries and Light Frequencies powerful in multi-level healing and a deeper transformation necessary for your Multidimensional Human Expansion to your Highest Potential. The environmental and planetary Harmonizing Codes are programmed in relation to the 7-Chakra System, while the Transformational Codes expand to the advanced 13-Chakra System linking the transformational and healing processes to the genetic level.

See: The Energy Coding II: Healing, Self-Healing & Planetary Healing page.



The Energy Coding III: Manifestation Workshop introduces you into the arcana of Manifestation Coding techniques to assist you in pursuing and achieving your goals and dreams. Bringing the Light, Vibrational Order and Harmony into the Inner World of your psyche, soul and the energy systems with the supportive coding and the awakened sense of higher purpose, you will experience the correlative alignment spreading throughout the Outer World of your body, life and environment. You learn the Energy Coding aspects capable of improving your manifestation skills and processes through (a) the practice of the Universal Manifestation Laws, (b) the application of the Universal Manifestation Codes for shifts on vibrational level to initiate the transmutation on the other levels, (c) the elaboration of Personalized Manifestation Codes for achieving your own personal goals and dreams or supporting others with accomplishing their projects, and (d) the creation of the Planetary Healing Codes for setting the manifestation energies in motion by giving first to your community and the Planet. In Stage III, the Manifestation Energy Coding is performed with multiple chains of 49-Shaped Codes for “asap” manifestation (Level 1) and the advanced 144-Shaped Codes for the “lifetime” manifestation (Level 2). You learn the advanced Vibration, Root and Trail Codes, and upgrade further the Perpetuator Coding and the Energy Coding Synchronizer resources with more advanced Geometries and Light Frequencies to make your manifestation, healing and transformation processes and skills more comprehensive and your Multidimensional Human Expansion limitless. You program the environmental and planetary Harmonizing Codes in relation to the basic 7-Chakra System and the advanced 13-Chakra System linking the manifestation processes to the genetic level, upgrading your transformational, healing and manifestation processes to the 5th-Dimensional Pleiadian Consciousness Level.

See: The Energy Coding III: Manifestation page.

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