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Guidance • Cleansing • Healing • Root Causes Tracing • Shift • Transformation • Manifestation


  • Self-Discovery
  • Personal Transformation
  • Pattern Shift
  • Multi-Level Healing
  • Manifestation of Goals


Our Sessions & Services Listing

Our Sessions & Services Features:

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Our Sessions & Services Listing:

Soul Contract (Your Sacred Agreements
on Your Identity, Destiny & Higher Purpose)
The Mayan Calendar, Astrology & Numerology

Your Archetypes
– Your Evolutionary Lessons (New
Aspects of Your Sacred Agreements)

Your Higher Guides
Their Messages, Attributes & Powers
Revealing Your Life Lessons & Challenges

Higher Guidance (Psychic Readings):
Challenges & Opportunities, Co-Creation,
Dilemmas Resolving, Relationships

Sacred Runes Reading (Psychic Readings)
Help in Difficult Decisions & Choices,
Forecasting Results, Disclosing Potential

Runic Amulets Design – Creation of
Personalized Bindrunes (Talismans for
Protection, Special Purposes & Powers)

Pleiadian Download Healing
Multidimensional Vibrational
Restructuring, Balancing & Healing

Pleiadian DNA Alchemy
DNA Reprogramming & Transmutations
for Personal Transformation & Healing

Pattern Shift 1 – The Inner You
Chakra Codes for Pattern Upgrade in
7 Aspects of Your Self-Expression & Life

Pattern Shift 2 – The Outer You
Connectivity Codes for Reconnection to
Higher Power & Relation Patterns Upgrade

Pattern Shift 3 – Your Environment
Harmonizing Codes for Energy Upgrade
of Your Home & Work Spaces

Pattern Shift 4 – Your Belongings
Harmonizing Codes for Energy Upgrade
of Your Belongings & Essential Tools

Energy Coding 1 – Transformation
Achieving Challenging Goals & Breakthroughs
in Personal Growth & Self-Sabotage Clearing

Energy Coding 2 – Multi-D Healing
Achieving Challenging Goals & Breakthroughs
in Your Multi-Level Healing

Energy Coding 3 – Manifestation
Achieving Breakthroughs in Your
Goal Manifestation & Self-Realization

Our Sessions & Services Features:


Here you will find the resources to let go of what keeps you stuck or in the dark, in order to move forward and live your life to your highest potential. There is wide range of Sessions to address each of your needs, whether you seek healing and a second opinion on health issues by tracing their root causes, or guidance and advice, self-discovery for deeper self-knowledge, an opportunity for personal growth and transformation, the understanding of your higher purpose and your Soul Contract, empowerment and mastery in handling your own personal or business matters, healing your relationships or finding a new one, or even the manifestation of your goals and dreams.


The Pleiadian Alchemy offers a unique combination of empowering resources for self-discovery, multi-level healing and transformation of your body, heart, mind and soul, as well as of your environment. Nigma and her Guides will lead you through the labyrinth of your Inner and Outer Worlds, your psyche and your manifest reality, old memories and new experiences, signs and symptoms you need to pay attention to, so that you can get to know yourself on a deeper level, understand how you function, and find the root causes of the recurring blockages, imbalances, and your life or health issues in order to resolve them, whether they are of a vibrational, emotional, genetic, environmental, karmic, or self-created nature. The process will involve the use of the relevant resources selected according to your individual needs and preference.


As the Sessions aim at assisting you in the co-creation of your life to the fullest, a great attention is dedicated to detecting and clearing the blockages, limitations, and imbalances existing in your health, personal and professional life, relationships, self-expression, creativity and your manifestation skills. In order to clear them, it is imperative to trace the root causes of your recurring issues and address them with relevant methods. These will be chosen depending on whether each individual issue is of a vibrational, genetic, karmic, environmental, or self-created nature.

Once you start this journey, the Great Spirit orchestrates the appropriate series of events, synchronicities and opportunities to provide you with lessons and insights so that you, as the Seeker-Healee, can realize in what ways you create the blockages, imbalances or disease in your body and life with your own beliefs, thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviour. Crucial insights and revelations will surface regarding to what changes you need to make in order to restore your harmony and balance, as well as sustain the healing facilitated in the Healing Ceremonies and Sessions. The results of the transformation and healing with both the Holistic and the Shamanic approaches highly depend on the degree of each individual’s engagement, proactivity and personal responsibility in co-creating their reality and health with their thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, choices, actions and reactions.


The Private Sessions with Nigma are a journey of self-discovery, healing and gradual transformation into the best YOU that you can become. As all healing and manifestation must come accompanied by a profound inner transformation to make the healing and manifestation possible and sustainable, thus the Private Sessions include learning the power of taking a full responsibility. This means not only a responsibility for your actions or your duties towards other people you are in relationships with, but -to begin with- a responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, decisions, choices and commitments. Achieving to embrace your responsibility for yourself in its foundations will allow you to let go of your self-sabotage programs and self-limiting patterns of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, attitude and behaviour that constitute the most frequent root causes of issues, blockages and imbalances both in health and in life.


IN-PERSON SESSIONS: As a consequence of the pandemic, all Sessions at the collaborating Holistic & Spiritual Centres worldwide continue for the time being suspended until further notice.

ONLINE SESSIONS: To compensate for the In-Person Sessions suspension, now you can experience any Session or Service in an online meeting on Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp or Telegram. For the in-depth transformation, healing or manifestation process, book regular Sessions (Value Packages available).

SESSION BOOKING: To book a Session or Value Package, contact Nigma directly by WhatsApp / Telegram (+52 999 640 3414) or by email (PleiadianAlchemy @ for availability. All Sessions must be scheduled in advance.