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Planetary Healing



Thank You for supporting my Fundraising Campaign to make the opening of the new Pleiadian Alchemy Center possible!


Choose the Planetary Healing type and the corresponding amount to pay:

  • Foundation Planetary Healing: 582 €
  • Advanced Planetary Healing:   852 €

Follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 – Click the link below and you will be redirected to the website page of the Pleiadian Alchemy’s Fundraising Campaign: “Support Nigma’s Quest and Activities”

STEP 2 – Make your payment as a donation equivalent to the Planetary Healing type fee: 582€ or 852€

STEP 3 – Make a screenshot of your payment or the GoFundMe receipt

STEP 4 – Email the screenshot to contact @ with a copy to PleiadianAlchemy @ as payment proof together with (1) the name of your selected Planetary Healing, and (2) your full name and email address. (3) the description of the environmental or social issue you wish Nigma to work on, with links to internet articles or videos on the subject for research.

! – If you do not wish to make your registration payment through the Fundraiser Campain, kindly contact Nigma for alternative payment instructions. Thank You!

Additional Information

Foundation Planetary Healing, Advanced Planetary Healing