Benefits of Sessions & Workshops



The workshops with Nigma will always remain in my memory as a magical experience. It actually got me out of my box. I had expected mainly an intellectual approach to spirituality during the study of the transformational and healing methods, but Nigma took me to a different dimension and taught me that knowing or even understanding something is actually quite different from living it, experiencing it, being able to do something by myself for myself and others and, above all, feeling the presence and support of my Guides with the truth of all revelations. The way we were changing during the workshop from the analytical to emotional approaches and activities, from earthly to spiritual, from theoretical to practical, “gave me such a trip” and the sensation that I was being restructured and rewired for wholeness and reconnection that I had lost but didn’t even know it. That was an experience that, I agree with Nigma, might be called the “magical realism” of the workshops, so I can explain it to someone who never had that experience, because I do believe that the shamanistic approach and working in connection with the Great Spirit has this effect on us. Don’t miss it. It makes you find solutions to whatever you feel is wrong with you and your life right now, and it makes you learn how to make the changes that you need to be able to shift your self-limiting or harmful patterns. It opens to doors to new beginnings and evolution. “Your Highest Potential” is exactly where you are starting to head for.

T. (Sweden)



Going to a retreat with Nigma for her workshops was not only one of my best decisions in life but also a pivotal point in my evolution and healing. In my personal case, being away from home, and all the stress sources that had restricted my freedom, helped me to open my heart to what Nigma had to teach me about the liberating power of self-knowledge and about what my personal transformation and healing actually depended on so I can achieve a detectable pattern shift. First of all, I needed to review and relearn my concept of taking responsibility for myself in every sense. It had to start with the mental and emotional hygiene and with claiming back my freedom to choose who is in control of my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, decisions and choices, in addition to my actions. With the help of the foundation workshop on Intuition, the Unconscious and Radiesthesia, I learned to detect much better my low-vibrational beliefs, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, my self-limiting patterns and self-sabotage programs, whether I believed that I had them or not. The techniques and skills I learned helped me to face the facts and get out of the state of denial and wishful thinking. With the truth staring me in my face, I started to accept the fact that I need to learn to work on myself to transmute them or clear them and cleanse my system from their detrimental results. Otherwise I’d always depend on someone else’s help every single day for the rest of my life, which is from difficult to impossible for obvious reasons. So knowing that Nigma was teaching me to take a better care of myself, giving me the skills to detect the issues and the make the necessary changes in my psyche and my life, gave me a new sense of hope, empowerment and joy. The combination of the Pleiadian Protocol and the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy taught me an amazing series of skills to take the responsibility for myself. First, I learned to access Higher Guidance to get insight, clarity and understanding to find out what is happening to me and what I need to work on and, in addition, how to do that, how to find the elements that I need to include in my personal transformation to truly achieve the healing and the pattern shift that I need. By receiving the guidelines and the shamanic techniques for working on myself, I entered a different level of reality that allowed me to develop the confidence in myself and the trust in the result of my efforts. I don’t remember ever having that confidence and trust before. Traveling to Mexico was an added value to the experience, the wonder of the Mayan temples and pyramids yanked me out of my old reality of stagnation, but what I learned in the workshops was so much more crucial for my evolution and healing that I recommend joining the classes in whichever way you can, including the online courses that are so much easier to access for most people. Don’t wait, just do it, as Nigma says!

C. (Canada)



Since I started studying and healing with the Pleiadian Download Healing, the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy and Sacred Geometry Energy Coding, I have gone through major transformations and my life started to take up momentum like never before. Previously, I had felt passive and stuck in my inertia and problems, but I couldn’t see the relationship between my beliefs, thoughts, emotions and their results on my life and health. I believed that “life happens”, and then I react to what happens. The first crucial thing I have learned from Nigma’s workshops and private sessions (and I’m getting to understand it more and more deeply now) is that life does not happen but that I make it happen with every belief, thought and emotion (not only with every choice I make and every action I take) and that it brings a match back to me by vibrational resonance. I knew what I wanted to change but I didn’t know how to make it happen. There was so much stagnancy inside me, in my life and my relationships that I felt like the life itself was dragging me somewhere where I didn’t plan or really want to go. It was hopeless and scary sometimes. Since the moment I started working with the Pleiadian Download Healing, the DNA Reprogramming and Energy Coding, I feel like finally I am the one who is “steering the wheel of my life boat”. I’m getting more and more empowered and started to enjoy my life because I see I can change anything I want in my life since I’ve found the tools to change everything I need inside myself, and then the rest follows…

M. (USA)



I heard that learning and healing with the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy and Sacred Geometry Energy Coding is like “stirring the pot’. I couldn’t imagine what it meant until it made effect on me exactly as it says. It stirred so many of my memories, past pains and defeats, my insecurities and my weaknesses. All my “crap”:-) came up to the surface for me to see and start dealing with it, but this time not alone but with Nigma by my side, and her DNA Alchemy and Energy Coding. So I didn’t resist and push it back down into denial, didn’t try to sweep it under the carpet again like in the past. With the DNA Transmutations, Transformational Coding and the Healing Codes I manage to transform and grow into a more empowered and happy person. I healed my old wounds that were holding me back for so many years. There is still a lot to deal with, and I know it is necessary to do it gradually, but I feel like I finally want to live every day as a new challenge and adventure, not just endure and survive another day. Now I know I can do it, I can really heal, be happy and live a life I really want.

J. (Australia)



Having been guided to work with Nigma has been one of the greatest gifts the Universe could provide for me. Her Spiritual skills are so refined that she has understood me better than anyone I have been working with, and her compassion and forgiveness have taught me a lot. She is a God-sent Light Being and is because her shining Light that she is able to approach any energy unbalance with a laser accuracy, present it to me with an open heart of a child and help in re-balancing it with the maturity of a wise woman. My life has now the hope of a future that is bright and blessed. Working with Nigma has taken my own spiritual practice to a level of freedom and empowerment that only the Highest Divine Intention could conceive. Thank you Nigma!!!

D. (Italy)


Throughout the years of my spiritual path and growth, I have learned that physical pain may be a reflection of our inner-self issues, like a natural body alarm that brings us awareness. When my neck pain had got so serious that I could hardly get up from bed, I knew it had to be be something “inside” me that I needed to deal with. But for many years I had been unable to understand the root cause. I had tried to seek through different healing modalities, which helped me find out some more information, but… the neck pain was still there! I asked my Spirit Guides to let me understand what was going on. Then I suddenly received the advertisement of Nigma’s Pleiadian Download Healing in my email! My instant reaction was to call and give it a try! Amazingly, thanks to Nigma’s and her Spirit Guides’ skills and support, I finally discovered that some of my very deep issues —in spite of my working on them for so long— were actually still there. Once Nigma brought them to my realization and applied healing, the pain just disappeared almost instantly! Her tracing the root causes, revealing them to me, and my final abandonment of denial made my healing possible. I know the Universe was sending the right healing formula and guides to help me with the final clearing for my highest good. Nigma is a nice lady, a very good healer with sincerity and a good heart. She gives you the clear understanding of the issues, and works with you closely to let you know you are not alone. I felt help and support always there, which I feel is very important for anybody who starts their spiritual path, transformation and healing!

M. (Hong Kong)


The Pleiadian Download Healing and DNA Alchemy sessions with Nigma had been absolutely instrumental in lifting me from a dark depressive time of my life. The sessions pointed out specific blind spots that had thus far hindered my personal growth and healing. I was made aware of these blockages and imbalances in my thoughts, emotions and life in general. With Nigma’s wonderful healing presence and supportive uplifting words, I had a better grasp of how I could work on the problem areas in my life and be better guided on my path of self discovery, growth and healing. The Pleiadian Download Healing not only shifted my perspective on the issues I was then facing but it also taught me important lessons on learning how to live well and cultivating trust, love, courage, joy and integrity in all that I do, think and feel.

Z. (France)



I started my journey accompanied by Nigma with 2 Pleiadian Download Healing sessions, followed with a series of sessions of the Pleiadian DNA Alchemy and the Transformational, Healing and Manifestation Energy Coding. What struck me the most about Nigma was her genuine attitude, positive energy, unconditional love and support. I was able to open up to her instantly and easily, and to tell her everything, whatever was on my mind, no matter how hard it used to feel to share it. She was a great listener and wise teacher, so open and honest, which helped in my healing process. Since I met her, there have been several positive changes in my thinking and way of life. Where I used to get upset easily and not be able to control my emotions, I’m now able to take a step back and practice ’emotional hygiene’ i.e. keep the beliefs, thought and emotions that are good for me, and let go of the negative ones. Today, I’m a happier person, I love my life and I can see and appreciate the good around me. Thank you, Nigma!

H. (Singapore)


Nigma did a healing session for myself and my 8-week-old baby daughter who had suffered from colics. The session felt amazing! I became completely peaceful and happy while driving home after having seen her, and my daughter seemed quite relaxed too. As we arrived back home, my daughter ‘wolfed’ down 180 ml of her formula. Normally she only drinks 80-120 ml. She looked completely knocked out, but very happy:-). Though Nigma had warned me that healing is usually a process that might take a few sessions to fully resolve the problem, the colic was completely gone after the first session, and that night we finally got a long-deserved very good night’s sleep for everybody in the family. Thank you so much for everything!

Mother & 8-week-old Daughter (Austria)


The Pleiadian Download Healing and DNA Alchemy, and the supporting Transformation and Healing Energy Coding, have opened my eyes to a deep energetic and spiritual level of existence. The way Nigma does the healing is very personal, gentle and loving and it can totally change your life if you allow it to happen. Nigma and her Guides helped me to get rid of some burdens of the past. Her warm understanding and continuous support of all these Transformational and Healing methods do not limit to the healing session moment itself but benefit you for many years to come. This experience can transform yourself and your life as much as it has transformed mine.

After the Pleiadian Download Healing and DNA Alchemy, I have worked with Nigma already over 3 cycles of 7-Chakra Coding and the following Healing Codes, and I am delighted how these tools, some of them simple and others so complex, with her empathy and love, helped me to rediscover my life path and made me a more balanced and happy person. With the help of the energy balancing, DNA reprogramming and the growth drive that I have perceived from the Energy Coding, I have felt how my energy centers, my abilities and attitudes at all levels have transformed and continue to support me better on my journey to find the real me.

V. (Finland)


Transformational, Healing and Manifestation Energy Coding is one of the most powerful evolutionary and healing systems I’ve experienced up to now, and they cause things happen no matter what. They powerfully teach me that I create my reality being fully responsible for my attitude, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and life, and therefore I must learn to actively co-create myself and my life and, above all, support myself and engage in the process by accepting, participating in and learning from the lessons, transformational opportunities and events that the Energy Coding and The Great Spirit set on my path. I see how they make me grow and receive insights whenever I am proactive and accept the transformational processes they arrange for me and within me, and they teach me it is the only way if I truly want to evolve and heal. When I look back, I have become a different person comparing to who I was when I started working with Energy Coding. The Codes truly give you what you need, not necessarily what you believed you wanted from your old awareness perspective, and I’ve seen the Codes replace with something better whatever I had wished for but is not in my highest good.

A. (USA)



Thank you for yesterday’s session. As we started I was seeing symbols (2 triangles) with orange aura around me above. With her hands on top of my palms & on my heart chakra, I saw 2 or maybe 3 bells with symbols around (rather than the usual solid brass and with green aura above me), and I felt heat penetrating deep into my heart chakra, a warmth that I welcome. Then I had an impression that a circular symbol has been embedded into my chakra. As she explained about numbers, I just saw the number 5 “jumping” out. As she talks about the LL Grids, I saw a panel of squares above us, (platinum in colour) coming out from her hands as her voice exhibited excitement about her work. Tears just flew unconsciously. The truth is I saw my home of origin and I suddenly feel I can’t wait for the life on Earth to end. But in the meantime, at least you have opened up a portal for Spirit to enter.

E. (UK)


My first session with Nigma, a Tarot Reading, was the key to embark on my journey of healing and holistic studies. I was a quiet child who was very much lost in life and the ways of life. I am amazed that Nigma was able to capture my personality at a deeper level. She has something about her that makes you open up your heart. I really appreciate her attentiveness as a listener.
The reading was specific, pointing out my limiting beliefs and challenges, while revealing -at the same time- my opportunities. With Nigma’s guidance and interpretation, the Reading helped me to understand or rather, in my case, to see a potentiality in myself. She is knowledgeable and empowering, yet never stingy with sharing of what she knows and has learnt, assisting me in my empowerment and inner development. It was a pleasure conversing with her as *she’s funny too* ^_^.
She made me understand that a healer does not just heal another but rather facilitates creating a healing and permission for one to heal oneself. Nigma, I want to send a VERY BIG THANKS to you! …Both for teaching me that I am my own greatest healer and also that my life is a very interesting adventure in its own unique way!

J. (India)


Inspiring, eye-opening and deeply insightful, Nigma’s Life Issues & Healing Reading really helped me to understand my challenges and blockages, and raised my awareness in specific areas of my life that I needed to worked on and heal. Nigma provided patient, clear and gentle guidance. Although I had come to the reading extremely distraught, after having experienced a sudden traumatic event in my life, I left the session feeling much lighter, calmer and empowered. I feel motivated to reevaluate the ways I think and act, and to make the necessary changes in order to heal and live a happier, healthier and emotionally balanced life.

T. (USA)


Nigma has a skill to make the Higher Guidance very personal: she acts as a guide on your own journey where, though you yourself make decisions and choices, your have the rare opportunity to verify your most important decisions and plans before your turn them into action to ensure your inner peace and clarify doubts, consider various options to see which one is the safest or the most beneficial, so I have no regrets. Her deep empathy and warmth gently helps you to reveal your best opportunities. I loved my sessions. They was very insightful and the additional use of the Tarot and the Pendulum Dowsing very valuable.

P. (Canada)

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